You need to complete your registration in order to officially become a Canterbury Christ Church University student and start your studies.

It’s important to complete your registration so you can start your programme, receive your student Smartcard, have access to all our services and to release your student loan or bursary (if you’re entitled to one).

In order for you to become a fully registered student with the University, you will need to complete a number of steps, most of these will be online.

You will receive an email for each of the steps as you become eligible to complete them, guiding you through the process. Note you will not be able to complete the steps until they have been enabled for you.

We recommend that you use a computer rather than a mobile device to complete the steps. 

Please note these steps are for those students registering now. The process will be updated for those students registering for September 2021.

Step 1 – Upload your ID and qualifications

The University will need to see a valid form of Identification. Normally this is your passport or National Identity Card. We can also see a UK birth certificate if it accompanied by a photocard driving licence. 

You will need to take a photo of your ID documents so that the photo can be uploaded to the University’s system as part of your registration process.

The University may also need to see some of your original qualifications. If they do, these will be listed in your MyRecord Portal. You will need to take photos of your qualification documents so that you can upload them to the University’s system as part of your registration process.

Once your ID and qualifications are uploaded, the University will verify your documents to ensure our records are accurate. Further details on ID Requirements are available here.

Step 2 – Create your computing account

You will receive one email with your username and temporary password. Once you have reset the password your Christ Church computing account will be activated.

This will create your university email account and enable you access to the university online services including the next steps of your registration.

Step 3 – Confirm your details

Once you have created your Christ Church computing account, you can sign in to Your Services.

From here you can access and complete your Confirm Your Details Tile so we have your correct personal details and payment information. 

Step 4 – Upload your photo

From Your Services you will also be able to upload your photo via the "Get your Smartcard" tile which will enable you to apply for your Smartcard.

What happens next?

Once you have confirmed your details and uploaded your photo, the University will check your student record to ensure everything is in place to confirm that you can be fully registered. 

Smartcards are being posted to all new students (except where this is not applicable to the course). Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a confirmation to your University email address, which will invite you to complete the Smartcard postal request form.

Please note that we will not be able to complete your request for a Smartcard until you have completed your ‘’Get your Smartcard" tile. Your Smartcard (your personal University Student ID) will allow you to access a range of key services from registering your attendance on campus to accessing the library and much more

Important finance information

Please note that if you are entitled to a loan or bursary, your finance will not be released unless you are fully registered.

It takes several days for Student Finance England to be updated with the completion of your registration and the earliest your student finance will be released is the first day of your induction week (for students who have registered at least 5 working days before the start of their course). 

If however, you have registered just before, on, or after the start of your course please allow 3-5 days working days to receive your funding.It takes several days for Student Finance England to be updated with the completion of your registration. Therefore we encourage you to confirm your details and upload your photo as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions of student registration

The arrangements set out in these Terms and Conditions apply to all students registered with us. They define the basis of the contractual agreement between you as the student and us as the University.

It’s important you read the Terms and Conditions, so you understand the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that are in place to help ensure all students are treated fairly.  You’ll be asked to agree to these as part of your online registration tasks.