You need to complete your registration in order to officially become a Canterbury Christ Church University student and start your studies.

It’s important to register so you can start your course, gain access to your online services and receive your student loan or bursary (if you’re entitled to one).

Registration generally opens between four to five weeks before teaching starts, for students who have met the conditions of their offer.

When we’re ready for you to register, you’ll receive two emails within 24 hours of one another, inviting you to:

Email 1 - Complete your online registration

This email includes instructions for logging into MyRecord so you can provide us with further information about you and your history. Once you have completed all the steps of  online registration and we have checked and verified your documentation, you will officially be a student of Canterbury Christ Church University.

Email 2 - Create your Canterbury Christ Church University computing account

This email tells you how to set up your student email account and username which you'll need to log in to your online services.

Top Tip

Please check that we have the most up to date email address for you in MyRecord so we can keep you informed.

You can also check MyRecord for copies of the emails we've sent and tasks you may need to complete for your registration.

While you can carry out these tasks in either order, it's important you create your computing account by the time that you are fully registered, so you don’t miss any important email updates in the lead-up to your arrival.

*Please note: if you are currently studying at Canterbury Christ Church University, or have previously done so, your computing username and password will remain the same and you won't receive the email asking you to create a new computing account. Find out how to recover an existing password or unlock your account.


Complete your online registration

Your must do tasks: complete your online registration

It’s important to register to gain access to all the online services to which you are entitled. For the majority of students this includes a student smartcard. It also means your course team can start to make firm plans for your arrival, including setting you up on Blackboard, the university’s Virtual Learning Environment, and starting to prepare your individual student timetable (where applicable).

Online registration involves doing a number of tasks in MyRecord, such as:

  • checking details the University holds for you
  • providing us with further details
  • uploading documents to confirm your identity and qualifications (where applicable)
  • uploading the photo you have chosen as your official student photo (this will be used for your student smartcard, where applicable)
  • agreeing to the University’s Terms and Conditions.

Your online registration is tailored to you, so you’ll only be asked to carry out tasks that are relevant to you and your studies. 

Logging in to MyRecord

When logging in to MyRecord to register, use the 'Applicant Login' option

  • Your username is your Student ID (you will find at the top of the email inviting you to register) or the email address you used for your application.
  • Your password is the password you chose yourself if you’ve used MyRecord already. If this is the first time you have used MyRecord, or you can't remember your password, just click on the 'Forgotten your password?' button to get it re-set.

The video below provides an overview of the online registration process. Or for more information, please see our detailed step-by-step guide to online registration.

Create your computing account

Your must do tasks: create your computing account

It's important to create your computing account so you're all prepared to use your online services when your course begins. You’ll need access to a computer plus a smartphone or tablet when creating your account.

The email titled 'Create your Canterbury Christ Church University computing account' will be sent to your personal email address within 24 hours of the 'Invitation to online registration' email*. The email will tell you your CCCU username and a temporary password. To create your account, you need to re-set your password - your new password must be a minimum of 14 characters, but the longer and more complex the better. See our top tips for choosing your password

The email includes detailed instructions for creating your account, but if you need further help please watch our step-by-step video below. If you have any questions about your account creation, please contact the i-zone.

By setting up your University computing account you are accepting our IT terms of use.

*Please note: if you are currently studying at Canterbury Christ Church University, or have previously done so, your computing username and password will remain the same and you won't receive the email asking you to create a new computing account. Find out how to recover an existing password or unlock your account.

What happens afterwards?

Once you’ve provided us with everything that we've asked for, you will achieve a status of 'temporarily registered' while we review all your documentation. You'll receive another email to your University email address within 3 working days, either to confirm that you are fully registered or to advise you that there's something you still need to do. This is one of the reasons why it's important you create your CCCU computing account and start checking your University emails as soon as you're able to do so. 

International students will remain 'temporarily registered' until they present their ID documentation in-person to the Compliance team. 

Payment of student loans

If you are entitled to an Undergraduate maintenance loan or a Postgraduate Master's or Doctoral loan and you are temporarily registered or fully registered before the start of your course, you will receive your first payment on the scheduled instalment date as per your Financial Notification from Student Finance. This is usually the start date of your course.

If, however, you register close to or after your course start date your loan will be paid within 7 working days.

You may notice that it continues to say 'awaiting confirmation' on your Student Finance England portal, even after you have completed registration. This is perfectly normal as it usually takes 24-48 hours for your status to be updated once we have confirmed your registration.

If you do not receive your finance after these timeframes, please contact the i-zone.

Request your student smartcard

Your must do tasks: request your student smartcard

Once you have done everything necessary to be temporarily registered, you will be invited by email to request your smartcard. Your smartcard is more than just your personal University Student ID – it allows you to access a range of key services from registering your attendance on campus to accessing the library and much more. Smartcards are being posted to all eligible new students, except where this is not applicable to the course, in which case you will receive your smartcard at an in-person event.

Please note: if you are studying at Global Banking School (GBS) or the London School of Commerce (LSC), you do not need a student smartcard so you will not receive this email.

Status letters (including banks and Council Tax exemption)

Once you’ve registered, you can also request a status letter, which proves you’re a Christ Church student. This can be used to set up a student bank account. Simply click on the tab titled 'My Details' in MyRecord, and then the link under 'My Enrolment Information'. 

Additionally, there is a letter that can be used to request a Council Tax discount with the local Council if you’re eligible, i.e. you are studying full-time. Households where everyone is a full-time student do not have to pay Council Tax. You’ll get a Council Tax bill if there’s someone in your household who’s not a full-time student, but your household might qualify for a discount.

Terms and conditions of student registration

The arrangements set out in our Terms and Conditions of Student Registration apply to all students registered with us. They define the basis of the contractual agreement between you as the student and us as the University.

You’ll be asked to agree to these as part of online registration. It’s important you read them carefully so you understand the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that are in place to help ensure all students are treated fairly. 


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