At Canterbury Christ Church University, we teach hundreds of different courses, all of which have tailored timetabling and rooming needs.

To help our students know where and when their teaching activities are taking place, we provide timetabling information in two forms:

  • UniTimetables is our online timetabling system where students can view the teaching timetables for all modules and courses based at Canterbury and Medway campuses, including online classes but excluding placements.

    UniTimetables displays all the teaching activities associated with a course or module; this means that if your course is wholly or partially taught in smaller groups, you will see all these group sessions listed on UniTimetables – not just those that you personally will need to attend.

    If your course does involve group work, your course team will assign you to your groups based on a variety of factors including the total number of students taking the module. Therefore we cannot confirm which group you are in until after the majority of students have registered. 

    UniTimetables user guide
  • MyTimetable enables the majority of students to access a personalised timetable, which can be linked to the calendar app of their choice for easy access while on the go. (Please note that individual student timetables are not available for short courses and some courses with external professional requirements, but instead your course team will supply you with all necessary timetabling information.)

    Personalised timetables where applicable are usually available via MyTimetable two weeks after you start, once students have registered online for their course of study and been allocated by their course team to all their classes including any group activities. Please note that you will need to set up your university computing account before you can log into MyTimetable.  

    Accessing your student timetable via MyTimetable


Please note that if you are studying at one of our partnership institutions, your place of study is responsible for your timetable. If you have any timetabling related questions, you should contact staff at your place of study.