During the second half of 2022, MyRecord will replace Your Services as the place to undertake key University processes including registration/re-registration and submitting a changes to study request.
If you're in your 1st or 2nd year, you'll be familiar with MyRecord already as it's how you kept track of your application.

By switching from Your Services to MyRecord, we’ll be able to provide you with more personalised information about your studies. For example, in MyRecord you can find your course code (which is really handy if you ever need to look up the timetable for your course on UniTimetables) and your Academic Calendar (which determines your key dates including teaching start/end dates, holidays and end-of-module examinations/assessments periods).

From later this year, you'll be able to use MyRecord to look up key contacts details for your course team including your Personal Academic Tutor.

If you're eligible to continue your studies in 2022/23 and your next academic year starts in September, you’ll receive an invitation by email to re-register in MyRecord from late August 2022 onwards.

Once you’ve registered for the 2022/23 academic year, you’ll be able to start doing the following in MyRecord:

  • update your personal details
  • check your course details
  • request a Council Tax exemption letter, bank letter, DBS letter or other status letter as applicable

You'll be able to do more in MyRecord from later this year.

Please note: once we're ready for you to re-register, you’ll no longer be able to access some of your tiles at Your Services.

This is because, once you're fully registered for 2022/23, you’ll start carrying out these tasks in MyRecord rather than Your Services. However, you’ll continue to access your academic summary and view your exam timetable in the usual way (through the 'Programme Information' tile at Your Services) until later in the year.

Logging into MyRecord

If you're a registered student who's already signed into the University network, you'll be able to access MyRecord without re-entering your username or password. 

However, if you’re not already signed into the University network, you’ll need to log in to MyRecord via the ‘Student and Staff Login’ - using your student username and password as you would to sign into any of our other online services.

Information for applicants

Applicants who have not yet created their Christ Church computing account should use the 'Applicant Login' option rather than the 'Student and Staff Login':

  • Your username is your Student ID (you will find at the top of the email inviting you to register) or the email address you used for your application.
  • Your password is the password you chose yourself if you’ve used MyRecord already. If this is the first time you have used MyRecord, or you can't remember your password, just click on the 'Forgotten your password?' button to get it re-set.

If you’re in your 1st or 2nd year of study, you’re probably familiar with MyRecord already, as it’s how you kept track of your application and uploaded your ID and qualifications when you first registered as a student. You may also have chosen your optional modules for 2022/23 via MyRecord earlier this year.

However, for other students, MyRecord will be brand-new.

For each new process that takes place via MyRecord, we’ll provide you with detailed guidance including (where applicable) notifications to your University email address.


Which processes will be carried out via MyRecord?

Students on some courses on Calendar A are eligible to choose one or more of the modules that they want to study. This enables them to focus on specific topics and themes that are of interest to them, supporting them to build the knowledge and skills that they need for their future career. 

For courses with optional modules in the 1st year, students make their choices during their first Semester (for Semester 2 modules). Module choice for the next academic year takes place in the spring.

When it’s time for eligible students to make their choices, they’ll receive a briefing from their Course team and an email inviting them to choose their modules in MyRecord.

Module choice - online guide

When the University is ready for you to register/reregister for your new academic year, you'll receive an email to your University email address inviting you to do so via MyRecord.

The introduction of MyRecord will simplify the registration and re-registration process. The process is tailored to particular groups, making it simpler for students who have bespoke  requirements including international students, partner students and apprentices.

For each step in the process, the status is shown as incomplete, pending, complete, making it easier to keep track of you’ve done and any tasks that are still outstanding.

Once you're fully registered, you’ll be able to use MyRecord to generate any status letters for which you are eligible, e.g. council tax exemption certificate, DBS letter or bank letter.

You'll receive your status letter via email as a pdf file that can be printed or forwarded as required, rather than needing to download and save it.

Once you submit a request via MyRecord to change your course/pathway/mode of attendance, or take a break from your studies or withdraw, you'll receive an a series of automated communications to keep you updated each step of the way. 

If you’re unable to initiate a change for some reason, staff with relevant permissions including the i-zone will be able to do it on your behalf.

Coming later in 2022 via MyRecord

  • Module changes (from autumn 2022)
  • Academic contacts (from autumn 2022)
  • Results (from December 2022)
  • Higher Education Achievement Reports and certificates (from December 2022)


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