MyRecord is where you can access information that the University holds about you, your application(s) and your studies. It is also the place for undertaking important University processes like registering or submitting a request to change your course.

Through MyRecord, you can access personalised information about your studies; for example, you can use MyRecord to look up your course code (making it simpler to look up your course timetable on UniTimetables) and see which academic calendar you're on (so it's easier to check key dates for your course including which weeks you'll be taught and when you'll be formally assessed). From later this year, you'll be able to use MyRecord to look up a range of contacts details for your course team including your personal academic tutor (PAT).

MyRecord has also replaced Your Services as the place to undertake important University processes related to your official student record. The following processes/tasks have all moved from Your Services to MyRecord during 2022/23:

Logging into MyRecord

You'll be invited to created a CCCU computing account around the same time you're invited to register as a student. Until then, you must use the 'Applicant Login' option to access MyRecord.

  • Your username is your Student ID (you'll find this at the top of any emails from us relating to your application) or the email address you used for your application.
  • Your password is the password you chose yourself if you’ve used MyRecord already. If this is the first time you have used MyRecord, or you can't remember your password, just click on the 'Forgotten your password?' button to get it re-set.

Your bank account details in MyRecord

If the University ever needs to make a payment to you - e.g. you are eligible for a bursary, or you need to claim back travel costs or you are due a refund for some other reason - the payment will be made to the UK bank account whose details we have on file for you. For this reason, please ensure your bank details in MyRecord are kept up-to-date.

You can update your Bank Account Details, including the name on your account, in MyRecord under the 'My Finance' tab.

When inputting your bank details, make sure you don’t confuse your account number or sort code with the 16-digit card number that’s printed on your debit or credit card.

  • Your sort code is just six digits long.
  • Your account number is eight digits long.

You can typically find the name on your account, your sort code and your account number on bank statements and in your banking app or online site. Many banks also print this information on the front or back of the bank card.

Don't worry about including the Account Prefix, as this doesn't impact our ability to make payments to you.

If your account is with a building society, rather than a bank (e.g. Nationwide Building Society, Coventry Building Society, Yorkshire Building Society, Skipton Building Society, Leeds Building Society), you may also need to include your Building Society Roll Number. This is a reference code with letters and numbers, which your building society will have given you if you need it.


Your results and MyRecord

At the end of each Semester/Trimester, you will be formally notified of the marks you achieved for each module you completed. Additionally, the decision about your progression to the next level, or your eligibility for your award, is made at the end of each level of study.

You can find your results in MyRecord under 'My assessments' within the ‘My Studies’ tab. When your results are ready for you to view, you will receive notification via your university email.

If you notice any anomalies with your module marks as they appear in MyRecord, please raise a query via the i-zone.

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