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Preparing to leave university

There are a number of practical things that you should be thinking about during your final year of study at Christ Church to help you transition from being a student, to becoming a Christ Church graduate. 

Once you have ceased to be a current Canterbury Christ Church University student, your CCCU computing account will be de-activated. You need to ensure you are prepared for this.

You can find your course’s end date in MyRecord, under ‘Course details’ (within the ‘My Studies’ tab). As this date approaches, you should start to save any files that you want to take with you when you leave the university.

We will send you an email 30 days before your computing account is de-activated, as well as reminders 7 and 3 days beforehand.

When your account is de-activated, you will lose access to all digital University services including your email inbox, Blackboard, Library account and OneDrive. So please ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to transfer any files that you want to keep.

If you have an approved reason to access your account after the date shown in your reminder emails, please contact your Course Team as soon as possible.

Once you have completed your studies, the University will contact you, if necessary, via your personal email address and by post to your correspondence address. For this reason, please keep your contact details in MyRecord up-to-date even after you leave us. (Alumni who completed their studies before Spring 2023 can keep their details up-to-date here.)

Once you have graduated, the University will contact you, if necessary, via your personal email address and by post to your correspondence address. For this reason, please ensure your contact details in MyRecord are up-to-date before you leave.  

If you want to check what information we've got for you, you can access MyRecord even after your CCCU computing account has been de-activated, by using the ‘Applicant’ login option.

  • Your username will be either your student ID or the email address you used for your application if you know it
  • Your password is the password you chose yourself as an applicant; but if you can’t remember it, just click on the 'Forgotten your password?' button to get it re-set.

Alumni can update their details here.

As you prepare to leave the University, please return any remaining library items you have on loan. If you are unable to return to the library, please let us know. You will be able to post the items to us instead. See borrowing, returning and reservations for details.

Your library account will close at the same time as your computing account; this includes your ability to borrow items from our libraries as well as access to online resources. You will receive an email notification 30 days before your account closes, as well as reminders 7 and 3 days beforehand. You will still have access to print and online resources during this time. 

As a graduate you get alumni membership to the library. This includes a year’s free access to the library study spaces and print resources. This doesn’t include an IT account, but we provide a visitor PC and you’ll be able to access our guest Wi-Fi.

You can still access the Learning Skills Hub and complete modules at your own pace. We have a Life after University section of modules to support you as you leave the University. Here, you’ll find:

If you’re going onto postgraduate study, we have modules that will help you get ready. You can continue to make use of RefWorks after you graduate, too. You’ll need to update your account, using the available instructions on the RefWorks webpages before your current course's end date (which you can find in MyRecord).

Whatever you choose to do next, we recommend a range of resources that will help you build upon your digital capabilities and continue to develop your digital skills:

There are several things you should do when leaving your student accommodation, whether it is university or privately owned:

  • Change your address – do this two to three weeks before you move, so you don’t miss any important post. Re-direct your post and don’t forget to update your contact details as necessary in MyRecord.
  • Check your tenancy agreement to understand the details of handing back the property at the end of the tenancy. It should include clear guidance as to what the landlord or letting agent expects from you.
  • Check your inventory and make sure every item meets the condition indicated on the original list. Make a note of any considerable wear or damage and inform the landlord or letting agent.
  • Clean the property thoroughly – this should be a team effort with your flat mates/housemates, to ensure it’s not the responsibility of the last person left in the property! It might be worth getting a professional in. Don’t forget to include tidying the garden and any outside areas.
  • Take final meter readings and unsubscribe from your gas, electricity, phone, water and any other suppliers within plenty of time, to ensure you are not charged after you have left the property. Make sure all your bills are settled before you leave.
  • Talk to the landlord or letting agent and arrange an inspection date when you’re still in the property, so you can inspect it together.
  • Plan what you will do with any extra rubbish generated to reduce any impact on the community and recycle where possible. All the information you need to know about what goes in what bin, when the bin collection dates are and how to recycle are on the Canterbury City Council website.

Students are now able to download their Interim Transcripts from their MyRecord. Interim Transcripts do not replace online results but display and allow the option of downloading modules whose grades are agreed and results released. This presents a snapshot of student’s data in time to assist with references, verification, or applications. 

If you have any questions, please contact the i-zone, our student information service who will log your query and the department responsible will reply as soon as they are able to.


Question Answer
Where can I download my interim transcript from? You can download them from MyRecord (in ‘My Assessments’ under the ‘My Studies' tab). 
What if I see that a module mark is missing? If a mark is missing please contact your course team. You can find their details by going to MyRecord > Your Studies > My Course Details. If you are studying at a partner institution, please contact them directly
Who do I contact if a result is wrong? If your result is wrong please contact your Course Team. If you are studying at a partner institution, please contact them directly
When will I receive my physical transcript/certificate? For queries regarding physical transcript/certificates please view the ‘Your award certificate’ and ‘Your academic transcript’ tabs on this webpage.
Will I always be able to download this even when my CCCU account comes to an end? You will only be able to download your interim transcript whilst your IT account is still active.
If I am withdrawing and leaving the University, will it show what I have gained to date? Your interim transcript will only show what module and marks have been released in MyRecord (in View Assessments and Results').


At the end of your studies if you have achieved a named award (e.g. a University Certificate, Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education, or a Bachelors or Masters or Doctorate degree), you will be issued with a certificate. This is official, formal confirmation that you have achieved a named award. It is a paper document which shows your full name, award title and classification (if applicable).

You should expect to receive this approximately 12-15 weeks from your award date.

Your certificate is posted to your correspondence address as stated in MyRecord at the time of sending, so please ensure you keep your contact details up-to-date even after you have completed your studies. (If you have studied for a Christ Church award with a partner institution, your certificate may instead be sent to your place of study and then forwarded onto you. Your institution will tell you if this applies to you.)

Duplicate or replacement certificates

Information on how to obtain additional or replacement copies of your award certificate.

If you attended the University before 1992, please instead contact the i-zone on 01227 922222 or email as you will need to apply to a different institution.

Your academic transcript provides a full record of your university achievements, including academic results (module titles and marks, together with the final award title and classification where applicable) and some non-award related, e.g. modules for modern foreign languages that you have studied alongside your course.

For most students who studied since 2012, the academic transcript comes in the format of a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

For students who complete their studies from spring 2023 onwards, HEARs are available digitally.

Once your HEAR has been prepared, you will receive an email from, inviting you to activate an account with a company called Gradintelligence. You should expect to receive this approximately 15 weeks from your award date

Activating and maintaining your Gradintel account

  • You will have 30 days to activate your Gradintelligence account before the link in your account registration email expires.
  • Once you have activated your Gradintelligence account, you can access it anytime at and permit prospective employers, universities and other education providers to view your HEAR and check your credentials. These approved third parties are notified via email and can access your HEAR online.

A minority of students who meet certain criteria will continue to receive a hard copy version of their HEAR. 

Hard copy HEAR are either supplied directly by the university or, for students at partner organisation, via their place of study as applicable.

If you are not eligible for a HEAR but still require formal confirmation of your studies, you will also be sent a hard copy transcript, upon request, by post. 

Extended transcripts and other hard copies of transcripts can be ordered via the University online shop

Duplicate or replacement HEAR

If you completed your studies before spring 2023, your HEAR will have been sent to you in hard copy. Information on how to obtain additional or replacement copies of your hard copy HEAR.

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