As a returning student, it is important that you re-register each academic year to officially continue your studies at Canterbury Christ Church University.

As a continuing student you will be invited to re-register for the next academic year once:

Once we are ready for you to re-register, an email will be sent to your University email address. You will simply need to login to MyRecord and click on the 'My Registration' tab to get started. It is easy to do and only takes 5 minutes online. 

Logging into MyRecord

If you're a Canterbury Christ Church University student who's already signed into the University network, you'll be able to log into MyRecord without re-entering your username or password.

However, if you’re not already signed into the University network, you’ll need to log in to MyRecord via the ‘Student and Staff Login’ - using your student username and password as you would to sign into any of our other online services.

The video below provides an overview of how to re-register in MyRecord once you're received the invitation to do so. 

Your student photo

Please note: you don't need to re-upload your student photo for the new academic year. However, if your appearance has changed significantly and you wish to update your student record, you’ve got the option to do so. If you update your photo and want your smartcard to match, there is a £10 fee for a replacement smartcard. Please contact the i-zone for more information.

Why re-register?

You should re-register as soon as you are invited to do so. Re-registering as soon as you can ensures that:

  • you can get your finance on time at the start of the year. Your first student maintenance loan instalment can only be released to you at the start of the academic year if you have registered.
  • your Course Team knows to expect you and will be ready to support your smooth transition to the next academic year.
  • you have access to all the online services and resources you need to succeed.
  • your smartcard is still valid.
  • you can access your individual timetable once it has been prepared by your Course team.
  • all your contact details are up-to-date.
  • you can focus on preparing for your next year of study.

If you do not re-register you will not receive funding from the Student Loans Company and may be withdrawn from your course.

If you are aware that other students have been invited to re-register, but you have not yet received an invitation to do so, this could be because:

  • a decision about your progression to the next level of study is currently ‘pending’
  • the Board of Examiners has not yet met for your course or the outcome from the Board has not yet been confirmed on your student record
  • you have undertaken reassessment and the outcome from your reassessment Board has not yet been confirmed on your student record.

Please be patient and wait for your invitation to re-register. You may not receive this until close to your course start date.

Terms and conditions of student registration

The arrangements set out in these Terms and Conditions apply to all students registered with us. They define the basis of the contractual agreement between you as the student and us as the University.

It’s important you read the Terms and Conditions, plus Your Fees Your Responsibilities Guidance 2022-23 (Home UK) or Your Fees Your Responsibilities Guidance 2021-22 (Overseas) as applicable, so you understand the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that are in place to help ensure all students are treated fairly.  You’ll be asked to agree to these as part of your online registration tasks.

Need more help or have questions?

If you have questions, or require support with re-registration, please contact the i-zone via the ‘Chat with us’ blue box on each student webpage, email or telephone 01227 922222.

If you are studying with one of our partner organisations or universities, and if you have any general enquiries about your induction timetable, course timetable or your learning and teaching, please direct your query to staff at your place of study.


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