Your up-to-date student record helps us to know where you are in your studies and how best to support you.

Top Tips

  • If you want to make any kind of change to your academic studies it’s important that you let us know so we can support you and update your formal student records. Remember to discuss your options with your personal academic tutor so they can guide you through what you need to do, discuss any implications and help you through the process.
  • Take time to read the Student Terms and Conditions as these define the basis of the contractual agreement between you as the student and us as the University.
  • Check out the Policy Zone - the University has a range of policies and procedures in place to help ensure all students are treated fairly and you are clear what is expected of you.

Did you know?

That a range of your data is pulled together to form the Student Engagement Dashboard. The Student Engagement Dashboard will be used, by your Personal Academic Tutor or Course Team in conversation with you, to give an indication of how your learning is progressing and where you may need further support.

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