Digital Learning Capture

Digital Learning Capture refers to the ability for teaching content to be audio-visually recorded for students to replay online in order to consolidate and expand their learning.

Digital Learning Capture is often referred to as “lecture capture”, but at CCCU we know that this is only one model for using this technology to enhance our learning and teaching provision, and we want to provide the opportunity to record more than just the standard lecture. 


The University’s ReCap service is available in all appropriate teaching spaces across our campuses.  Teachers use software called YuJa to record classroom sessions and other educational material, and these recordings are then uploaded and made available to students via Blackboard.

All teaching spaces are capable of recording audio and screen content, with some spaces also capable of recording video (e.g., of the presenter) via a webcam. Where possible, teaching spaces include a podium-mounted light that will change colour dependent upon the state of the recording (e.g., stopped, recording, paused, etc.). The light also acts as a control button to allow the lecturer to quickly pause, un-pause and stop recordings. More information on the behaviour of the lights, and other features, can be found on a poster near the podium in each classroom.

YuJa can also be installed onto personal devices, such as laptops.

To remind students that they are being recorded, a standard slide has been made available that can be added to any teaching PowerPoint slide deck. You can download the ReCap Recording Reminder PowerPoint slide here.

Online teaching sessions

Teachers may choose to record synchronous online teaching sessions, such as those delivered through Collaborate or Microsoft Teams. Both Collaborate or Microsoft Teams feature in-built recording functionality. In order to publish such recordings into the appropriate Blackboard module, and to ensure that recordings are retained as per our retention policies, we strongly recommend that all recordings made using Collaborate and/or Microsoft Teams are uploaded to the ReCap service.

Digital Learning Capture policy

The University has a policy around the use of Digital Learning Capture. Originally published in 2018, the updated Digital Learning Capture policy was approved by Academic Board in July 2023 and became live on 1st August 2023.

Digital Learning Capture Policy


Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE) provide regular training for all staff on how to use ReCap. You can search and book onto any scheduled training by searching for “ReCap” on StaffSpace. Please make sure you have attended this training prior to using ReCap for the first time.

Step-by-step guidance is available for students via the Student TEL Knowledge Base.

Please contact your Digital Academic Developer to arrange Faculty-, School- or Course-specific further training.

Frequently Asked Questions and Further Support

There are a number of questions that are regularly asked about Digital Learning Capture, ranging from how ReCap works to the impact it has on teaching practice. To try and address these directly, we have created a set Frequently Asked Questions to answer the most common.

Further help and guidance on the Learning Platform Suite can be found via the TEL Knowledge Base for Staff.

Staff can contact their Digital Academic Developer for pedagogical advice and questions relating to Digital Learning Capture.

For any technical issues:


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