Digital Learning Capture

Digital Learning Capture (DLC) provides the ability for content to be audio- or video-recorded for students to replay online in order to consolidate and expand their learning.

DLC is often referred to as “lecture capture”, but at CCCU we know that this is only one model for using this technology to enhance our learning and teaching provision, and we want to provide the opportunity to record more than just the standard lecture. 

2019 saw the launch of a new service called ReCap that allows lectures to be recorded, but also allows staff to record additional content outside the classroom environment as the need arises. Ultimately, we would also like to see the system used by students to record reflective pieces, as well as formative and even summative assessment.

Classroom Setup

The University now has the ReCap service available in all appropriate teaching spaces across our campuses, focusing on recording the audio and screen within each room. If you wish to record video of the classroom space, please contact your Digital Academic Developer (DAD), formerly Faculty Learning Technologists (FLT) to discuss this in the first instance.

Every room includes a podium-mounted light that will change colour dependent upon the state of the recording (stopped, recording, paused, etc). The light also acts as a control button to allow the lecturer to quickly pause, unpause and stop recordings. More information on the behaviour of the lights, and other features, can be found on a poster near the podium in each classroom.

DLC Policy

Alongside the project, the University developed a policy around the use of DLC. This was consulted upon by a range of academic and professional services colleagues around the institution, in order to build an approach which meets the obligations of the institution while also engaging academic colleagues positively and providing them control over that engagement. This document was approved as University policy by Academic Board on 10th December 2018, and is available to view here:

The University is taking a two-step approach to implementing this policy. During academic year 2019/20 the service has been made available in all classrooms for staff to record classes if they wish to do so. Staff can make these recordings available to their students through their Blackboard module spaces.

In September 2020, we will move to an "opt-out" approach. From this point forward, lectures will be automatically recorded and published to the relevant Blackboard space. Other types of class (seminars, workshops etc) can still be manually recorded by the academic as required. 

Staff who wish to opt-out of automatic recording for specific pedagogical reasons will need to talk with their Course Director or Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching before being granted approval from their Head of School as per the policy.

To remind students that they are being recorded, a standard slide has been made available that can be added to any teaching PowerPoint slide deck. You can download the ReCap Recording Reminder PowerPoint slide here.


Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE) will provide regular training for all staff on how to use ReCap. “ReCap - In 3 Easy Steps” will run in Canterbury, Medway and Tunbridge Wells and will be available for booking via Staffspace (search “ReCap”). Please make sure you have attended this training prior to using ReCap for the first time.
In addition to this, online guidance will be provided via Blackboard.

Further training opportunities can be organised through your Digital Academic Developer (DAD), formerly Faculty Learning Technologists (FLT).

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are regularly asked about DLC, ranging from how the system works to the impact it has on teaching practice. To try and address these directly, we have created a set Frequently Asked Questions to answer the most common.

Research on Digital Learning Capture

There is a substantial amount of research around the use of DLC or lecture capture, so we have gathered some key papers and articles together on our DLC Research page.

Further help and guidance

Further help and guidance on the Learning Platform Suite for staff and students can be found via the TEL Knowledge Base for Staff.

For any pedagogical issues, questions etc relating to Digital Learning Capture, staff should contact their Digital Academic Developer (DAD), formerly Faculty Learning Technologists (FLT).

For any technical issues:


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