Virtual Learning Environment

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is the core of the Learning Platform Suite.

It is the main learning platform for all students, with every course providing core learning information through dedicated sites for each module. The VLE also provides a range of additional tools and services to enhance engagement, allowing for digital activities as well as access to resources and communication tools.

Most of the other platforms that make up the Learning Platform Suite, including assessment submission, marking and feedback, will be made available to students through the VLE.

Blackboard Learn is the VLE used by CCCU, and is normally referred to simply as “Blackboard”.

What can the VLE be used for?

Blackboard is used to provide students access to their learning materials, including (but not limited to):

  • Module and course announcements
  • Content files (PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, Word and PDF documents)
  • Media content (images, audio, video)
  • Collaboration tools (discussion boards, blogs, wikis)
  • Links to External Services (e.g. Collaborate Ultra, ReCap, Youtube, Padlet) 

What will I see on the VLE?

Once you log into Blackboard you will have access to your Blackboard home page. On the Courses and Modules page, you will see a list of modules that you are studying or teaching – each module will have its own Blackboard course within which you will be able to access its learning materials.

You will also be able to access certain learning- and teaching-related services, including other platforms within the LPS (e.g. Collaborate Ultra, ReCap, Padlet). The home page will also be regularly updated with news, announcements and opportunities that all students may find beneficial.

How do I access the VLE?

To access Blackboard Learn, please visit

One of my modules isn’t listed. Help!

If a student has modules missing from their list on Blackboard, they should contact their administration team.

If a staff member has modules missing from their list on Blackboard, they should contact the module leader or another member of the module teaching team who will be able to enrol them.

Periodic Updates

New features and improvements are introduced on our VLE at certain times of the year to allow us to provide a stable and secure platform for our staff and students. It is expected that there will be no downtime for these updates.

Further help and guidance

Further help and guidance on the Learning Platform Suite for staff and students can be found via the TEL Knowledge Base for Staff.

For any technical issues or further help:


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