Assessment Authenticity

The ability to write an essay or other type of assessment in an academically appropriate tone and structure is a skill that students are required to learn during their studies.

The assessment authenticity tool provides students a text-matching service to help them learn how to cite correctly and generally avoid plagiarising information sources. 

The University also has a responsibility to make sure that work submitted by its students is entirely their own work. The assessment authenticity tool provides staff a variety of services to confirm the authenticity of authorship of all work submitted for assessment.

The assessment authenticity tool compares the student’s work to a vast array of internet sources, such as online journal databases, web sites and submissions made to institutions from all around the world. A report on this comparison is then made available to the student and appropriate staff members, highlighting where phrases, sentences and paragraphs may need to be reviewed due to similarity to another source, or lacks correct citation.

See the Academic Integrity Policy and the Academic Misconduct Procedures for requirements for use of text-matching enabled by the authenticity tool.

Students have the opportunity to use this tool to develop their academic writing style prior to final submission of a given assessment.

Further help and guidance

Further help and guidance on the Learning Platform Suite for staff and students can be found via the TEL Knowledge Base for Staff.

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