Assessment Submission

Most assessments students will be asked to undertake are required to be submitted electronically.

Most of these will be submitted in a standard file format (Word or PDF document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint slides) and in a consistent manner to provide students with confidence that their submission has been received by the University.

Assessment submission areas are made available within the VLE to allow students to submit their work consistently from one assessment to the next. Each will include a specified date & time at which the assessment is due, and a specified date and time at which feedback and marks will be returned to the student (see Assessment Marking and Assessment Feedback for more information).

There are other assessment submission tools available for specific types of assessment, such as for media-based assessment and through the ePortfolio platform.  See the Digital Assessment page for the various formats our supported sytsems can accept.

Further help and guidance

Further help and guidance on the Learning Platform Suite for staff and students can be found via the TEL Knowledge Base for Staff.

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