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Guide to online registration.

It’s important to start your registration, and undertake each subsequent step, as soon as you're invited to do so. You will receive an email for each of the steps as you become eligible to complete them, so please make sure to check your emails regularly.

Registration involves a series of steps, including:

  1. uploading documents to confirm your identity and qualifications
  2. setting up your CCCU computing account
  3. confirming the details which the University already holds about you, and providing further information
  4. uploading a photo of yourself for our official records and your smartcard.

You will also be asked to agree to the University’s Terms and Conditions.

Depending on your circumstances, you may not need to undertake all of these steps. However, you will receive an email for each step that is applicable to you, so please make sure to check your emails regularly. It’s important to undertake each step as soon as you're invited to do so.

We recommend that you use a computer rather than a mobile device to complete the registration process, and to use Google Chrome as a browser. However, if you have no choice but to use a mobile device, the process should work with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Photo upload guidelines

As part of your registration, you will need to upload a number of photos. This will include some or all of the following:

  • your ID documents
  • your qualifications
  • a suitable photograph of yourself.

We can accept photos taken with a smartphone; however, in the case of your documents, we need a photograph of your original documents, rather than a photograph of a photograph.

Most of the steps require the University to check the items that you have uploaded. When we say to allow a certain number of ‘working days’ for this to happen, we mean Monday to Friday inclusive (excluding bank holidays).

Please note: this guidance relates to courses starting before September 2022. A new registration process is being implemented for courses starting September 2022 or later.

Please see below for detailed guidance on each step in the registration process

Please note:

  • If you are a non-British passport holder, you will not be invited to complete this step as you will have already supplied valid ID for visa compliance purposes as part of your application. However, you must book a timeslot to present your ID documents in person and will receive an email with details of how to do so. 
  • If you are studying at a partner institution, you may not be invited to complete this step as there may be different arrangements for supplying your ID. If in doubt, please check with your place of study. Instead, you may receive an email from us asking you to confirm the details we hold for you.

The University needs a photo of a valid form of identification to confirm your identity and immigration status. This can be:

  • a current passport or
  • a National Identity Card or
  • a UK birth certificate plus photo ID, e.g. photocard driving licence
  • an expired UK passport plus birth certificate or driving licence and recent utility bill.

If you have none of the above, please contact

Once we are ready for you to upload your ID to MyRecord, you will receive an email to the email address associated with your application. To log into MyRecord, use the following:

  • username: your Student ID (you will find this in the email) or the email address associated with your application
  • password: if you have logged into MyRecord during your application, you will have set up your own password. However, if this is the first time you have used MyRecord, or you simply can't remember your password, just click on the 'Forgotten your password?' button to get it re-set.

In MyRecord, click on the 'Application(s)' tab, and then the red 'Documents' tile. This is where you will upload a photo of your chosen ID document(s).

Top tips

  • Photographing your passport: Please take a clear photo of your passport details page ensuring all text is legible (see picture below).
  • Photographing your driver’s licence: Please take a clear photo of the front of your driver’s licence making sure all information is captured in the shots and all text is legible.
  • Photographing your UK birth certificate: Please take a clear photo of your full and entire UK Birth Certificate ensuring that all text is legible. 
  • Photographing your National Identity Card: Please take a clear photo of both the front and back of your National Identity Card ensuring all text is legible. 

  • Change of name: If your name has changed since you gained your entry qualifications, or since your application to the university, please make sure you also upload evidence of your original name or your change of name; evidence can include marriage/civil partnership certificate, or official change of name Deed. Please take a clear photograph of your full and entire document ensuring that all text is legible.

You will find further information in MyRecord on acceptable photo sizes and formats. When you have selected and uploaded your chosen photo(s), close the upload window and click the ‘Next’ ‘button to return to the ‘Documents’ tile. If you have successfully completed the upload, the tile will now be blue.

You will receive an email within two working days to confirm whether your photo has been approved or there is an issue. If there is an issue, we will work with you to resolve it as soon as possible so you can continue with your registration.

The University may also need to see photos of some of your original qualifications. If we do, these too will be listed within the ‘Documents’ tile in MyRecord, and you will receive a separate email guiding you through this process.

Please note you may not need to upload every previous qualification you hold, however we will need to check those qualifications that your course offer depends on. If you are in doubt about what you need to upload, please check the Courses section of our website for entry qualifications.

If you click on the ‘Add qualification’ button to upload a new qualification, but the ‘Qualification’ drop-down list doesn’t include the exact one you want, just select ‘OTHER – Any other qualification not yet specified’.

Once you have submitted photographic evidence of your qualifications, you will receive an email within two working days to confirm whether or not it has been approved. If there is an issue, we will work with you to resolve it as soon as possible so you can continue with your registration.

If you are a non-British passport holder, you may be asked, by email, to book a slot to present your qualifications documents in person when you arrive.

Once we have everything we need in terms of your ID and qualifications, we will start preparing your computing account. 

If you are new to Canterbury Christ Church University and don’t yet have a computing account, you will receive an email within the next two working days from This will tell you your username plus a temporary password for your student email account, along with instructions for:

  • re-setting your password, which will activate your Christ Church computing account
  • setting up your recovery information in case you ever need to recover or re-set your password.

You will not be able to move onto the next step in the registration process until you have set up your computing account. Also, all university-related email correspondence will be sent to your university email address, including details of your course’s Welcome Week, so it’s important that you set up your email account as soon as possible and start checking it regularly. 

Please note: if you are currently, or have previously, studied at Canterbury Christ Church University, your username and password for your computing account will remain the same, so you can bypass this step. 

Once you have a Christ Church computing account, you can sign in to Your Services to Confirm Your Details. This will ensure the information we hold for you, including payment information, is correct.

The sorts of thing we ask you to confirm at this stage include:

  • your course of study, and whether you are intending to study part-time or full-time
  • your address details, including email and telephone number (If you don’t yet  know where you will be living while you are studying, you can update this once your accommodation is sorted.) 
  • disability information
  • the name and address of an emergency contact (This is mandatory for all students under the age of 18, and strongly recommended for everyone else. Wherever possible, this should be someone who is based in the UK. Your emergency contact must also give their consent for you to share their details with us, and be happy to be contacted by us in the event of an emergency.)
  • your occupation, or the occupation of a parent or guardian if you’re under 21
  • whether your parents have any higher education qualifications
  • your highest qualification (If your highest qualification is a BTEC, then you should choose 'Extended National Diploma' from the drop-down list)
  • your last place of study
  • your unique learner number (This is a 10-digit number given to you by your school or Further Education college. It may also be printed on your exam certificates.)
  • who will be paying your fees.

We ask these questions to help us understand the experiences of as many of our students as possible, and to enable us to meet our statutory reporting requirements. All information you supply will be treated entirely confidentially.

Also, as part of Confirming Your Details, self-funding students will be invited to set up their payment arrangements, and those being sponsored can provide details of their sponsor e.g. your employer. 

Once you have finished Confirming Your Details, you are just one step away from completing your registration! Where applicable your Course Team will now start preparing your individual student timetable which will be available within 15 working days.

Additional information for EU students: We are pleased to confirm that you are eligible for the CCCU EEA National Transition Scholarship for the duration of your course. Please the email inviting you to Confirm Your Details for further information about your tuition fees and making payment as part of the online registration process.

The final thing that you must do to complete your registration, whether you are studying with us in Canterbury, Medway or Tunbridge Wells or with one of our partners, is upload a colour photo for your student record.

This will also be used for your student smartcard if you are eligible for one.

To upload your photo, go to Your Services and select the ‘Get Your Smartcard’ tile . Even if you aren't eligible for a smartcard, this is where you need to upload your photo.

Your photo needs to meet certain criteria (similar to passport photos), so please make sure it is:

  • in colour, and taken against a light background;
  • taken recently;
  • taken of you facing forward with your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair across your eyes);
  • free from reflection or excessive shadows;
  • of you on your own (no other people or objects in the photo);
  • taken of the full head, without any covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons;
  • taken with nothing covering your face.

Once you have submitted your photo, you will still be able to see the ‘Get Your Smartcard’ Tile until we have checked and approved your photo. Don’t worry that you can continue to see the Tile; if there’s an issue with your photo we will let you know in order that you can complete your registration.

You will receive an email within two working days of confirming your details, to confirm that you have successfully completed registration.

If you are eligible to receive a smartcard, this email will also include a link to an online postal request form. Your smartcard is your personal University student ID, and allows you to access a range of key services from registering your attendance on campus to accessing the library and much more. Smartcards are being posted to all new students (except where this is not applicable to the course, in which case you will receive your smartcard at an in-person event), so please complete the postal request form as soon as you receive the email.

Please note that if you are studying at Global Banking School (GBS) or the London School of Commerce (LSC), you do not need a student smartcard.

You may also find these videos helpful when viewed alongside the above guidance

Once you have completed all these steps, you will be a fully registered student of Canterbury Christ Church University. You will receive an email to your University email address as confirmation.

Once fully registered, you may also be eligible to access a Council Tax exemption certificate; please see here for further details. 

Congratulations on completing your registration, we can't wait to meet you!

When will I receive my maintenance loan?

If you are entitled to an Undergraduate maintenance loan or a Postgraduate Masters or Doctoral loan and you are fully registered before the start of your course, you will receive your first payment on the scheduled instalment date as per your Financial Notification from Student Finance. This is usually the start date of your course.

If, however, you register close to or after your course start date your loan will be paid within 7 working days.

If you do not receive your finance after these timeframes, please contact the i-zone.

Top Tip

Please ensure that you use exactly the same name to apply to the University as you do to apply to Student Finance. Any difference between the names used could cause delays in the processing of your payment.