Learning and Research Librarian for Medway and Salomons courses

You can book an appointment with me using the blue buttons below. Appointments are available in person at the Drill Hall Library (Medway) or online using Microsoft Teams. For meetings at Salomons library, please email me.

David BedfordLearning and Research Librarian
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Location: Medway and Salomons

Email: d.bedford295@canterbury.ac.uk

Profile summary

I am the librarian for all CCCU courses at the Medway and Salomons campuses.

I began working at CCCU in Canterbury during Autumn 2000. I worked in various different library departments, with jobs including running the inter-library loan service and cataloguing new books. In January 2011, I became the health librarian at the Medway campus (working across all 3 universities on site). In September 2023, I returned full-time to CCCU, where I support students and staff from the Medway and Salomons campuses. 

In my role, I work with colleagues from many departments to embed skills in information and digital literacy into the curriculum. This includes finding and referencing information and professional use of digital tools such as social media. I have a particular interest in how we made good, critical choices about the information we use. I wrote a blog post on this subject for the Nursing Times in 2018 (Nurses must consider which information to use and trust) and have spoken on the subject at various conferences.

My academic background was originally in the Humanities, with a particular interest in the novels of Henry Fielding. My professional qualifications are a Postgraduate Diploma in Library & Information Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. I have presented at a number of teaching and librarianship conferences and am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

In 2021, I published a journal article with the title Evaluating confidence in information literacy: A red/amber/green tool. I am currently writing a textbook for health and social care students.