Learning Developer for the Schools of Psychology, Politics & Sociology/Life & Human Sciences at the Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences 

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Rami YounesLearning Developer
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Location: Canterbury

Email: rami.younes@canterbury.ac.uk

Profile summary

I am the Student Learning Developer for the Schools of Psychology, Politics & Sociology/Life & Human Sciences at the Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences. I am part of the wider team of Learning Skills Team.

As a Learning Developer, I work in collaboration with colleagues and learners to support the widening of access, inclusion and participation through the development of academic literacies, ensuring that learners are provided with learning opportunities to develop as independent learners. I provide consultancy and guidance to staff and learners in the specialist field of language, literacy and academic practices at all levels of study. I work collaboratively with colleagues on curriculum planning and actively develop opportunities to embed academic skills across the student journey in order to support academic success. I deliver tailored one-to-one and group tutorials that enhance the development of effective study skills and practices.

I joined CCCU in 2013 as an International Relations and Partnerships Manager. I had responsibility to develop international partnerships opportunities for the University in particular the Middle East region. Prior to that I worked as a tutor and Curriculum Mentor for Offender Learning in Kent and Sussex. I had responsibility to deliver a range of professional/academic support provision to teachers & learners in order to enhance quality of learning/teaching, maximise student retention and development.

I also worked as a lecturer at Tishreen University/Syria teaching General English and English for Specific/Academic purposes to learners of all levels and with the Ministry of Higher Education in Syria on learning projects on the national level. Part of this role included being a member of the English Language Council at the Higher Institute of Languages. I took on Faculty coordination roles to work collaboratively with colleagues across the University to enhance learning and embed study skills within the curriculum.

I have recently completed my Doctorate in Education studies. The aim of my research was to examine the response of teacher education in Syria to the conflict and what plans are in place to transform the role of education from conflict to peacebuilding and developing a positive peace culture.