Peer Observation and Review


The University aims to create wider culture of partnerships in learning and collaborative explorations of the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Peer observation and review of learning and teaching offers academic staff the chance to engage formally and informally in dialogue about all aspects of the scholarship and practice of learning and teaching.

Specifically, peer observation and review of learning and teaching aims to:

  • enhance the learning and teaching process thereby improving the students’ learning experience,
  • help make a significant contribution to an individual staff member’s academic professional development,
  • help maintain high standards of teaching delivered consistently across the University
  • contribute to the creation of the University’s learning communities.

The process requires that:

Academic staff engage in an annual round of reciprocal review with peers. This could include inter-departmental activities and dialogue with professional service departments.

Students are encouraged to be part of the process. This is supported by the Partners in Learning initiative.

A ‘Scholarly Dialogue Model’

A ‘Scholarly Dialogue Model’ has been adopted which can be integrated smoothly into practice and sustains a culture of professionals reflecting on the quality of their learning and teaching regimes and that of others. Eight principles have been adopted to guide the process.

  • Developmental NOT judgemental: designed to improve teaching
  • Collaborative process based on equality between peers
  • Reciprocal benefits: both parties expect to gain from the process
  • Inclusive of all aspects of learning and teaching, in a variety of settings and including course design and assessment
  • Inclusive of all teaching staff including fractional and sessional teachers
  • Confidential and independent of all management processes relating to probation, promotion, regrading, renewal of contracts, under-performance or redundancy
  • Linked into staff CPD: opportunity for personal and professional development of staff
  • Dissemination of good practice: opportunity to promote good teaching and further enquiry into learning and teaching.

Heads of School (or appraisers) take responsibility for ensuring the scheme is in operation. 


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