Student Engagement in Learning

The University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy sets out our commitment to provide all students with an outstanding higher education experience which equips them for success in personal aspirations and wider contribution to society.

The University expects all students to participate fully in the learning activities associated with each module and to undertake all components of associated assessment.  The Student Engagement in Learning Policy outlines how to enable student engagement and how to monitor it.

Students must take responsibility for achieving their potential through successful completion of each stage of their studies.

Attendance data is only one indicator of a students’ engagement with their learning.  There are other important data touchpoints which should be used in conjunction with attendance data to gain a fuller picture of a student’s engagement.  These data touchpoints include engagement with the curriculum via the Learning Platform Suite, and in the submission of assessments. 

The use of engagement in learning data will allow early identification of issues, leading to effective and timely interventions.  The university can work with students to facilitate full engagement with their studies, thereby maximising success.



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