Module Evaluation

The University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy sets out our commitment to provide all students with an outstanding higher education experience. Module evaluation is central to this, providing data on the effectiveness of our teaching, for our students. 

One way to evaluate modules is to use a Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ).  In December 2018, the Education and Student Experience Committee approved a new MEQ, to be used across our Institution.  The MEQ was developed through an in-depth, four-stage, mixed-method research study, conducted by Dr Susan Kenyon.  The study received full ethical approval.  It involved students, academics and professional services colleagues from all Faculties and Levels, including Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught.  Information about this research is available via the link on the right hand menu. 

The approved MEQ is comprised of seven core questions: firstly, three qualitative questions, which allow open-text responses; followed by four quantitative questions, which use a 5-point Likert scale.  A ready-to-use questionnaire is available to download, via the right hand menu. 

The questionnaire can be easily released to students via Blackboard, using the guidance available here.


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