Supervision for research at MSc, MA by Research, MPhil or PhD level is available for any project relating to the subject area expertise of our staff on Sport and Exercise Science.

Research areas include:

  • Clinical Exercise Science
  • Sports Performance
  • Policy and Social Research
  • Applied Health and Fitness
  • Physical Education and Physical Activity

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Recently completed or current Masters by Research student theses:

  • How do we prepare children for competition?
  • The effective use of competition as a pedagogical tool to develop competence, confidence and enjoyment in physical education.
  • The importance of physical education / games / physical activity within secondary education
  • Understanding and knowledge of concussion amongst rugby union players
  • Blacklisted: the young, black, male professional footballer and education in England.
  • Place meanings of recreational climbers at an indoor rock climbing venue
  • Young children's understanding of fluid intake
  • The impact of wellbeing on the physical activities of occupational therapy for a child with dyspraxia.
  • Negotiating sexuality within a University women's football team: a qualitative study.

Recently completed or current PhD student theses:

  • Interventions to improve Running Economy (RE) in trained runners.
  • Intervention to reduce blood pressure and improve vascular health
  • Implications for Injury prevention and performance in team sports
  • Examining mentoring in the development of sports coaches
  • Embedding the perceptual motor system under an ecological psychology account of human behaviour
  • Swimming as a rehabilitation modality for persistent low back pain: A development and feasibility study
  • Social disadvantage and the role of physical education and Sport-for-All in young people at Cyprus and Greece
  • Investigate non-hormonal and hormonal contraceptive users on markers of athletic performance, internal athlete wellness and training load monitoring
  • Enhancing our current understanding of isometric exercise training and its application into the wider community
  • Can contextualized interventions impact the resilience of coaches and athletes in a schools elite sports programme?

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