Supervision for research at MSc, MPhil or PhD level is available for any project relating to the subject area expertise of our staff in Psychology. 

Research areas include:

  • Learning and development
  • Society and environment
  • Creativity and cognition
  • Health and wellbeing.


Research area not listed?

We may be able to help you or guide you further with a particular research subject area.

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Recently completed or current PhD student theses:

  • The prerequisites of successful maternal scaffolding behaviour
  • What is the impact of repeatedly working with traumatised victims of rape and child abuse on police officers in London?
  • Influencing factors in mind-mindedness and their interplay in the intergenerational transmission of this construct
  • The role of tolerance in acculturation and multicultural societies within Britain
  • The Self and the Sacred: A psychological examination of the relationships between believers and their gods
  • Online interventions to help cut down heavy drinking in students
  • The examination of dose-response in mindfulness-based interventions and their effects on psychological distress, positive psychological outcomes and mindfulness
  • How could computer mediated communication be used to support the breastfeeding mother?

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsychol)

Study a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and open the door to a career which is infinitely varied, enabling you to undertake clinical work with a broad range of people experiencing a diverse range of mental health difficulties.

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