I have had a great experience at Salomons so far and feel I have grown academically, personally and clinically.

Salomons Trainee, Alternative Handbook for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology 2021

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    3 years


    Tunbridge Wells


    Applications for October 2022 have now closed. Applications for October 2023 will open in September 2022

    Studying Clinical Psychology opens the door to a career which is infinitely varied, enabling you to undertake clinical work with a broad range of people experiencing a very diverse range of mental health difficulties. Clinical Psychologists not only seek to alleviate mental distress; they also work actively to promote psychological health and wellbeing.

    In addition to direct clinical work with people, you are also likely to be able to undertake service­ related research, and provide consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, teams and services.

    Our Clinical Psychology doctorate integrates clinical, academic and research practice to achieve the highest quality of professional training. We offer one of the largest and longest established Clinical Psychology training programmes in the UK, and have a national reputation for excellence and innovative practice.