Natalie Mearns

Natalie Mearns: SPEAR

Natalie Mearns spent 10 weeks working as part of the SPEAR research centre, looking at how activity targets impact on public health.

Under the supervision of Professor Mike Weed, Natalie investigated the question 'Do over-ambitious physical activity guidelines negatively affect public health?'

As part of her research Natalie conducted a search on all physical activity interventions that use randomised controlled trials. By process of applying inclusion and exclusion criteria Natalie looked at 111 full articles and investigated how the guidelines were used, comparing how physical activity is categorised. In some papers for example, 'underactive adults' were categorised as adults conducting 150 minutes of physical activity, while in other papers, 'underactive adults' were categorised as those performing less than 60 minutes each week. 

Natalie really enjoyed her internship and was able to develop key skills such as the discipline of close research and analysis. She also gained valuable work experience which will enhance her C.V. and will help her stand out from the crowd when she applies for jobs in the future.

Natalie's research poster


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