Emma Harvey: Sports Lab

Emma completed an internship in Sport and Exercise Science, working alongside the SportsLab in helping to develop a coach education programme to enhance the current delivery in the South East of England.

Second year student Emma Harvey worked with the SportsLab team to explore what coach education is available in the South East of England and nationally.  With this in mind Emma and the team looked to see what the Sports Lab could offer to support or enhance the coaching education being delivered.  She also supported the work of Kent Sport by looking at data collected by Project 500.  This provided a wide set of information looking into areas such as what women were coaching, what they would like to coach, what age groups and how often they coached or whether they had a registered disability.  With this knowledge Kent Sport would be able to assess where money is best spent to develop the recruitment and education of coaches in London and the South East.

Emma applied for the internship to expand her horizons, so later she can make an informed career choice based on her practical experiences.  This opportunity has equipped her with new skills, enabled her to be part of the SportsLab team and allowed her to support other students with their Sports Science education.  When interviewed she quoted; “It has opened my eyes into further education for myself and others”.  Once she has completed her course Emma plans to undertake her teacher training and in time a PhD.

“I have really enjoyed it.  It’s been a great experience” Emma Harvey 2016


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