Kwaku Asiedu: Sports Lab

Kwaku Asiedu completed a paid summer internship, working with our SportsLab.

As part of his work, Kwaku looked at the various marketing processes that were in place, and the different types of communications that were sent out to customers. 

By bringing together the many varied repositories of data, Kwaku was able to streamline processes and create a new template for how SportsLab deals with new and existing customers. He then used this new business experience in other areas of SportsLab, working with the Faculty's Web Editor to develop ideas on how to enhance the public facing website and create ways in which customers can provide feedback. 

As Kwaku is keen to point out, this experience has proven invaluable in so many ways. Not only has it given him insight into the operational management of CCCU's SportsLab, but it has also helped him develop his skills and confidence as a marketer. It has also given him valuable experience to add to his C.V.


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