As a student you can access all the software you might need for your course for free through our CCCU App Store or Virtual Campus PC.

CCCU App Store

Use the CCCU App Store to download or access software directly from your personal device.

This is the quickest and easiest way to access all the software you might need for your course, including Microsoft Office, SPSS, NVivo and more.

You can also find accessibility tools to help you with your productivity, as well as course-specific packages for engineering and other specialist subjects.

How to find software

There are two sections to the CCCU App Store: the Workspace, and the Catalog. The Catalog contains the full list of apps available to you, while the Workspace is a section where you will see all of the apps you have selected to work from.

To navigate the Catalog, you can filter software by category, or use the search function in the top right hand corner. Once you find the software you want to use, click 'Get', and the software will be moved to your Workspace.


CCCU App Store
Virtual Campus PC

Connect to a Virtual Campus PC

If you can't find the app you're looking for in the CCCU App Store, you can connect to a Virtual Campus PC to access your key course software. You can use this tool from Macs, IOS, Android and Chromebooks as well as regular PCs and laptops. It can be run through a web browser, but for best performance we recommend you download and install the client onto your computer.

Working remotely

You must remain connected to the internet while using the Virtual Campus PC service. If you are working on a laptop and close the lid or the battery dies, your session will be closed due to inactivity, and you may lose work. You should close the program or log off the remote desktop session when you are finished using it. Virtual Campus PCs can also access University printers so you can print to a printer on campus.

Saving your work

We recommend saving your files in OneDrive wherever possible. However, not all applications are able to save directly to OneDrive.

You can save files to the Desktop or Documents folder from your Virtual Campus PC, and these files will be accessible the next time you access the service. Please be aware that you will not be able to access these files outside of the Virtual Campus PC.

Scheduled system maintenance

To keep everything running smoothly, the Virtual Campus PC (including the version accessed by Engineering students) will undergo scheduled essential system maintenance every Wednesday between 2AM and 6AM.

Please save your work regularly and log off before 2AM. If you are still logged on when maintenance starts, you will be disconnected until maintenance is complete and the system is restored.

If you are running a complicated process (such as data analysis or rendering) please schedule these activities to run outside of the maintenance times to prevent loss of progress.

Install the desktop client

The Virtual Campus PC can just be accessed in a browser. This is ideal for most situations. However, for even better performance you can install the desktop client. This is recommended for using applications that use a lot of graphics, audio or video such as Sibelius and ArcMap.

Please download the install from one of the links below. If you are not sure which installer to use please see this guide on how to find out.

You do not need admin rights to install the app. ​​​​​​​

Note: Virtual Campus PC is accessible from iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices. However, the experience on mobile devices is not the same as that on a desktop operating system. 


How to video - on accessing the CCCU App Store

The CCCU App Store