ReCap allows you to access pre-recorded lectures at a time that suits you, pause, rewind and revisit as much as you like.

ReCap is not a replacement for attending your teaching sessions, as it cannot provide you with a full learning experience where you are able to participate, ask questions and discuss topics with your peers.

It is a digital tool to help you consolidate and expand your studies by:

  • Enhancing your understanding. You can use the recording to revisit content or go over complex concepts. This can also help you identify where you may need further support.
  • Supporting more effective note taking. You no longer need to be worried about writing every word down, freeing you up to listen and engage more within the classroom.
  • Enabling better long-term retention of knowledge. If used effectively it can be a good tool to help with revision and assessments.
  • Supporting students with different learning needs.
  • Helping you keep up-to-date with your studies if due to some unforeseen circumstance you were unfortunately late or missed one teaching session.

The introduction of ReCap is part of the University’s commitment to supporting independent and flexible learning.

How it will work

Your lecturer will inform you if the class is being recorded. Additionally, a light on the classroom podium will turn green when a recording is taking place.

Normally we will only record voice and the display screen in the room, but on some occasions we may record video of the classroom. If you take part in class discussions or other activities, you may have your voice or image recorded as part of that class.

The recording will only be made available through Blackboard to yourself, your classmates and the staff involved in running your course. Recordings will usually be made available to you within 48 hours of the end of class via your Blackboard module space.

Each recording will be retained by the University for the current academic year, and all of the following academic year before being removed.

What do I do if I don’t want to be recorded?

If you have any objection to being recorded, you must speak to your lecturer as far in advance of class as possible so they can discuss this with you and make suitable adjustments if necessary.

Further information and guidance on how to use ReCap: ReCap Overview


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