The Traffic Lights Toolkit - Case studies

On this page of the Traffic Lights Toolkit website you will find documents, tutorial videos and guides relating to the case studies that were undertaken at Canterbury Christ Church University as part of the associated HEFCE Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Catalyst Project.

For each Case Study, there is a summary word document outlining the aims, setting, methods used and other details for each case study as well as some of the key outcomes. For some case studies, there are also associated resources that can be downloaded for use with students, such as templates for delivery of the Toolkit. Below you will find two testimonial videos featuring students who participated used the Traffic Lights Toolkit as part of the case study in the School of Allied and Public Health Professions as well as a series of tutorial videos linked to the other case studies, explaining how to use the Traffic Lights Toolkit.







If you have any questions about any of the case studies, their results and/or any of the associated resources, please get in touch with us via the contact eMail addresses available on the main page of the website 


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