Learning and Teaching Conference 2022

CCCU Diamond Jubilee Learning and Teaching Conference 2022

“How our past informs our present and future: learning communities at CCCU” 

This year’s 2022 CCCU Diamond Jubilee Learning and Teaching Conference was held on-campus on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th November in Verena Holmes.  Around 80 delegates attended.   

Dr Theo Gilbert, Associate Professor, Learning and Teaching at the University of Hertfordshire¸ was our keynote speaker.  Dr Gilbert’s research on the psycho biological nature of compassion provides new solutions to supporting student mental wellbeing and address the BAME awarding gap; he won the Advance HE/Times Higher Education award for Most Innovative Teacher 2018.   

His presentation was titled “Building back Communities: Our Compassionate Brains on a New HE Curriculum” Theo outlined how he and colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire have worked together to make compassionate interactions between students in group-work a valued and assessed part of their courses. He explained the rationale for the decisions as well as sharing some of the practical details of how this has been assessed [see Appendices in the download section]. 

Other recordings from the conference are available below: 

Session 1: Gaining practice and building confidence for all learners during the graduate recruitment process – Kristine Pole, Cecile Tschirhart, Tracy Smith and students (Egle Kulbokaite, Logan Gouwens) 

Session 2:  Exploring the research trends on ethnicity attainment gap by using bibliometric analysis – Dr Mujde Bideci 

Session 3: Evaluating an accounting software for compassionate pedagogy and educating the whole person – Dr Funbi Adesina 

Session 4: Disability or superpower? Why do ‘labels’ change our perceptions in higher education?  – Sarah O’Hara  

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