Learning and Teaching Small Grant Fund

Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE) would like to offer staff the opportunity to apply for small Learning and Teaching grants to support initiatives which enhance HE learning, teaching and assessments practices leading to research, scholarship and evaluation at CCCU.

What are the small grants for?

Each bid must demonstrate the benefits of the initiative to the educational development of the individual bidder, but also the anticipated positive impact on students, colleagues and other stakeholders at the University and beyond. The bid can cover a variety of initiatives, such as:

  • the conduct and dissemination of HE Learning and Teaching research and scholarship
  • participation and presentation at an HE Learning and Teaching external event (e.g. Advance HE conference) and dissemination beyond the course or area of work
  • a small scale L&T project involving participation of students and/or other stakeholders
  • others (if you are unsure of your idea, please contact LTE-ADMIN@canterbury.ac.uk)

The initiative should align to CCCU’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, for example the enhancement of student retention, transitions, inclusion, success at University and beyond (graduate outcomes); embedding sustainability, mental health and well-being and other key Universities priorities into the curriculum.  

Who can apply for the small grant?

All members of staff working at CCCU can apply, with the support of their line manager, who will confirm that time will be given to the applicant to complete the initiative covered by the grant. Each person can only apply once per academic year.

How much money is available and what can the funds be used for?

A maximum of £2000 is available. The grant will cover a maximum of £400 per bid, regardless of the total cost of the initiative undertaken by the applicant/s. It is possible that LTE will award less than £400 per bid: this will depend on remaining funds available.

The grant can be used to cover the costs of attending a conference, equipment (which will remain the property of the University), vouchers for students, payment of students’ work through Unitemps, etc. The booking and administration of the activities are the responsibility of the applicant and/or their department, but LTE will need to be kept informed and will approve the expenditures via Staffspace and Agresso.

The grant cannot be used to cover staff time release, or to apply directly to Advance HE for HEA Principal Fellowships. These should be covered by the Department/School/Faculty.

What is the application process?

Applicants must return the application form on the right hand side of this page, in Word format, to LTE-ADMIN@canterbury.ac.uk, by Monday 12th December 5 pm at the very latest.



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