The Traffic Lights Toolkit

Welcome to the website for the Traffic Lights Toolkit at Canterbury Christ Church University. The Traffic Lights Toolkit (TLT) represents a set of innovative mediating tools based on the traffic light colours, locally developed at Canterbury Christ Church University with the support of the HEFCE Higher Education Innovation Fund.

How does the Traffic Lights Toolkit work?

The tools of the TLT allow students to self-assess against competency criteria which can be applied to any aspect of skills development (study, professional, technical). The TLT encourages student reflection and active engagement in learning and also promotes ownership and autonomy of learning. Tutors can use the toolkit for developmental discussion in any configuration (tutor:student, student:student). Student self-assessment data can also be used to inform teaching and curricular design.

How can I use the Traffic Lights Toolkit?

This website contains downloadable resources, including guides, training materials, case studies, template files and links to tutorial videos that illustrate ways in which the TLT has been used and continues to be used at Canterbury Christ Church University in diverse settings and contexts. The TLT is flexible and can be adapted to any short- or long-term learning activity where students are required to develop skills, competencies or professional and technical knowledge. You are invited to explore the resources available here and get in touch with us should you have any questions or suggestions.

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You can find information on and resources relating to the case studies carried out on using the Traffic Lights Toolkit here

For a general templates to design your own Traffic Lights Toolkit for use with your students, please click here.

For tutorials to support training on the Traffic Lights Toolkit and share it with students and colleagues, please click here

The TLT team at CCCU


Marian McCormick (Principal Lecturer [Learning and Teaching]; School of Allied and Public Health Professions):

Dr Chris Harvey (Learning and Teachign Environment Director; School of Natural and Applied Sciences):




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