We are developing tomorrow's engineers and are looking for creative innovators, people who have natural curiosity, enjoy problem solving and can make logical decisions.

With degrees in biomedical, chemical, mechanical, product design and software engineering, you have some great options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an MEng, BEng or a BEng with a Foundation Year – we will have the right degree for you. Join our supportive learning community and get the skills and experience you need to start your career.

Our Engineering courses

Be in demand

From fashion and food to construction, sport and medicine, engineering impacts on everything which is why engineers are in demand. Up to 1.8 million new engineers will be needed in the UK by 2025, according to reports in the national press.

Your degree in engineering will open up a whole variety of career paths in some really exciting areas, from developing smartphone technology and games, designing space suits, creating training apps for sports professionals, finding solutions to logistics challenges in the fashion industry, designing smart houses and so much more.

Whether you like designing, making, testing or deconstructing things, an engineering career will stimulate and excite you at the same time as offering you great career prospects and an attractive salary.

The Foundation Year has been great for me to build my subject knowledge and confidence before starting my studies at degree level. My group and lecturers have been really supportive.

NatashaChemical Engineering, BEng with Foundation Year

Fantastic new learning environment

Not only do we have a broad selection of degrees relevant to one of the most in-demand and fastest growing sectors of employment, as an engineering student at Canterbury Christ Church University you will benefit from learning in our new building with industry-leading facilities. The Verena Holmes Building houses science, technology, health, engineering and sports, and is part of a £150 million campus investment and will provide you with fully-equipped, contemporary spaces to study your degree.

The School of Engineering, Technology and Design has its own comprehensively equipped mechanical workshop staffed by a highly skilled Technical team where precision manufacturing of teaching resources, research experiments and student projects to high tolerances can be undertaken.

You will be fully supported in the safe and correct use of industrial machines and hand tools and will learn valuable engineering skills which will enable you to design and manufacture prototype components to individual or group specifications.

I’m excited to develop my knowledge in product design and get the hands on experience in the workshop.

KatrinaProduct Design, BEng with Foundation Year

As well as the latest manual lathes, milling machines and drilling machines, the workshop has a range of equipment to support automated machining processes such as CNC machinery and laser cutting machines. To compliment this, the workshop has its own 3D printer room where you can use the latest professional printers to manufacture engineering components using Carbon fibre or Kevlar filaments.

To reflect the diverse nature of engineering, the workshop has a sheet metal and fabrication facility equipped with welding equipment such as a 330amp MIG welding machine, a 330amp AC/DC TIG welding machine and a range of machinery and hand tools for working with sheet metal.

We offer a truly immersive learning experience where you can unlock your creative potential and build technical expertise, so you become a highly skilled, work-ready graduate. We are one of only a handful of universities to offer the pioneering CDIO international engineering education model, developed by the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MiT). You will work in teams with peers from your course as well as other relevant subject areas on real projects provided by companies across the region, to Conceive a solution to a problem, Design how to create your solution, Implement your solution and Operate your solution to see if it is fit for purpose.

Our dynamic courses reflect the breadth of engineering career choices open to you. If you have the desire and interest to make a difference then we have a course for you. 

Our Engineering courses

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