I switched to software engineering because I wanted to learn things that were not in other courses. At first I was worried it would be too difficult, but I found it so interesting and engaging so that change has been really smooth.



    Software Engineers who can collaborate with others in effective teams to produce reliable, robust software on time and on budget are in very high demand.

    Software Engineering is the practice of writing the software that makes the world "go round". This course will help you to develop the skills needed to write good quality software that is reliable and does what the users need it to do. 

    Why Study Software Engineering?

    Software Engineering is a fast moving exciting field of study with the challenges involved to engineer high quality, secure and reliable software systems in a wide range of different fields from medicine, to education, to space flight, to manufacturing and everything in between.

    This course will enable you to adopt a professional approach to the entire process of developing software, from the initial gathering of requirements, through to the design of the functionality and interfaces, to the implementation of the final product using industry best practices.

    You will have the opportunity to develop your technical and personal skills by working on a range of interesting and challenging assessments, many of which you will decide for yourself. The course is highly practical, with lots of opportunities to engage with people and organisations that work in software development. It will support you to become the best Software Engineer you can be.

    Software Engineering at CCCU is supported by a diverse, well qualified and experienced team of teaching and technical staff, in purpose built computing suites, housed in a new building. The majority of teaching staff have teaching qualifications and many also have real industrial and commercial expertise in the subjects they are teaching.