Supervision for research at MA, MSc, MPhil, or PhD level is available for projects relating to the subject area expertise of our staff in Law, Policing, and Criminal Justice.

Research areas include:

  • Criminology
  • Forensic investigation
  • Law
  • Policing
  • Criminal investigation.

Research area not listed?

We may be able to help or guide you further with a particular research subject area.

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Recently completed or current PhD student theses:

  • The impact of developments in Higher Education, including the Higher Education and Research Bill, on the student experience.
  • The relationship between risk management, corporate governance and debt contracting: A case study of credit agency reliance.
  • Private versus public Interests in international investment law: A need for reform through a human rights perspective.
  • The use of spatio-temporal analysis of electrical fire incident data to target effective fire prevention education.
  • A study into the extent to which youth justice strategy since 1997 has achieved responsibilisation of young offenders and their parents.
  • The process of giving evidence for child victims of sexual abuse.
  • Employee turnover: Wider reaching implications of turnover in the Police and Prison Service.

Research supervisors

Facilities and research centres

My PhD years were an unforgettable experience in terms of support and level of study! In March 2020, I was the FIRST to have my VIVA online due to SARS-Covid pandemic. I was impressed with how flexible and fast the University was to accommodate all the necessary arrangements for this. I cannot praise the University and my School highly enough for supporting me throughout the whole process to close this 'chapter' of my life successfully.
PhD student