Our campuses are all located close to city or town centres, making them easy to access by cycling or walking. We’re committed to sustainable travel and providing facilities so you can cycle to campus.

The 2022 Highway Code Changes

There are some new Highway Code rules which will be coming into effect on the 29 January 2022, to improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. These changes will create greater responsibility for drivers. 

Cycling to campus was my go-to choice when I needed to get to lessons quickly or around the city effortlessly.

KatieDrama Student

If you're planning to cycle to one of our campuses, then this website provides some great routes in Kent.

Canterbury campus

Cycle stands

We’ve got lots of cycle stands for you to secure your bike:

  • 20 behind and adjacent to Maxwell Davies
  • 76 at the entrance to Laud
  • 24 by the entrance to the Sports Lab in Anselm
  • 22 behind Old Sessions House

There’s a secure storage facility for six bikes at John Caddell Walk (leading from the main campus to Old Sessions House) and we have seven uncovered stands opposite Becket (near Gate 1 and 4 adjacent to the entrance of Somerville).

Cycle lockers

You’ll also find cycle lockers behind Old Sessions House and behind the Maxwell Davies building, by the Postern Gate pedestrian entrance.

Blue lockers are for daily use – you use your own padlock and remove your bike at the end of each day.

Green lockers are available for long-term hire (up to 48 weeks). Visit the Security Lodge in Anselm to complete an application form and request a key.


There are a range of showers available on our campus which you can find via our Campus Maps.

Christ Church Sports Centre

There's also a covered cycling rack for 20 bicycles as well as a secure bike shed at the sports centre, for use by members and sports centre users. The shed is key-locked for security purposes, so for access please ask the staff at the sports centre reception for the code on the day.

Medway Campus

You can keep your bike safe by locking it to a Sheffield stand (8 available) in the cycle shed adjoining Rowan Williams Court.