We work with a variety of transport providers to provide our students with a range of discounts when traveling by bus or train. 

Discounted tickets are available to students at Canterbury, with the University offering a subsidised rate for the current academic year to discount students who travel with the Stagecoach Bus Company.

Please remember to refer to the Stagecoach website for the latest guidance on travelling by bus during Covid-19.

Fares and how to apply

Stagecoach Travel Cards for the 2022- 2023 academic year will be available through the University at a discounted rate as set out below. 

If you're getting ready for the new academic year, you can travel for a lot less with the Stagecoach UniRider student bus pass. These tickets are available to all Canterbury Christ Church students at a reduced cost. UniRider tickets can be purchased directly from the Stagecoach website.

Stagecoach UniRider

UniRider 1 05/09/22 to 01/09/23 TBA
UniRider 2 19/09/22 to 26/05/23 TBA
UniRider 3 (Semester 1) 19/09/22 to 22/01/23 TBA
UniRider 4 (Semester 2) 23/01/23 to 26/05/23 TBA

Stagecoach MegaRider

MegaRider tickets are ordered through the University. Please complete the student application form. You can view the current bus timetable on the Stagecoach website. Further details will be sent upon receipt of your completed form.

Ticket 7 day 12 week 52 week
Local MegaRider £10.25 £113.55 £492.05
South East MegaRider £17.00 £184.50 £799.50

If you have any queries, please contact us at facilities-helpdesk@canterbury.ac.uk


In certain circumstances, Stagecoach is able to offer a refund but this is at their discretion. Stagecoach will calculate the refund by deducting the cheapest available tickets for the cost of travel over the period the ticket has been used from the amount paid. These fares will usually work out higher than those given in the sustainable travel incentive.

Students wishing to cancel their Travel Card should do so through their local Stagecoach office. In the case of an employee leaving the University or wishing to cancel their ticket, the individual is responsible for refunding the University the amount remaining on the ticket. This is detailed on the application form which is signed by the individual.

The Universities at Medway continue to work together with Arriva Bus Company to assist with student travel across the West Kent area. Students travelling around West Kent can purchase a discounted bus pass. This pass will allow you to travel to places all across Medway, Maidstone and even up to the Dartford area.

Student Arriva ticket prices 2022/2023:

South East UniMed tickets are valid throughout Medway and Kent, illustrated on the South East Zone Map.

Ticket Student Price
Weekly £14.50
4 Weekly £39.00
Academic Year* £189.00

*The Academic tickets are valid from 1 September to 31 August, or from 1 January to 31 December.  

Please remember to refer to the Arriva website for the latest guidance on travelling by bus during Covid-19.

The 116 bus service in Medway goes through the campus, stopping on Central Avenue near the Pembroke Building and on New Kent Road next to the Gillingham Building (UKC). It stops within walking distance of the Chatham and Gillingham train station as well as Medway Maritime Hospital and Hempstead Valley shopping centre. You can view the full route on the Arriva website.

If you wish to purchase a ticket please follow the instructions on the Arriva flyer, and if you have any questions please contact us at facilities-helpdesk@canterbury.ac.uk

If you're aged 16-25 or a full-time student and looking to save money on travel the Young Person's Railcard allows you to save 1/3 on standard fares. Apply now.

Please remember to refer to the Network Rail website for the latest guidance on travelling by rail during Covid-19.

Eligible students can now apply for the Kent 16+ Travel Saver Scheme offered by Kent County Council.

Who is eligible to apply?

To get a Kent 16+ Travel Saver you must:

  • be under 19 years old
  • live in a house that pays Council Tax to Kent County Council
  • attend a participating school, college or university.

If you live in Medway or a London borough with a Kent postal address (for example Bromley) you cannot apply and should contact your own council to find out about their schemes.

Visit Kent County Council's website for full terms and conditions and further information.

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

The cost of the pass is £500 for the year and you can pay online in full or spread the cost in monthly instalments with their direct debit option.

When can I use my KCC Travel Saver?

You can use your 16+ Travel Saver all day, all year. The card allows free travel on most public buses. You can't use it on private bus services and coaches.

See a list of all operators taking part.

How do I apply?

Applications can be made until 21 May 2023.

Apply or renew online

The quickest way to renew your pass, or apply for the first time, is online.

You will need:

  • a debit or credit card
  • access to a printer to print and sign the Direct Debit form (you can save the form and print it at a different time)
  • a passport photo saved in JPEG format, no larger than 40KB. Minimum image dimensions are 96 pixels x 134 pixels, maximum dimensions are 132 pixels x 169 pixels. Resize your photo online with BeFunky, on Android you can use Photo Compress 2 (requires download) or for iPhone use Desqueeze (requires download).

Collecting your card

KCC will send your travel card to us within 3 weeks, but at busy times of the year (such as the start of the new school year) this can take up to 6 weeks.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email or letter from KCC as confirmation.

Can I get a refund?

If you leave your education or training or don't need your card for any other reason, KCC will refund you part of the cost paid for the pass, this is based on the terms where it has been used.

You need to return your pass to KCC to claim for the unused terms.

Kent 16+ Travel Card 
Kent County Council
PO BOX 441