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Whether you’re walking to a lecture, taking your bike out for a ride, having quick swim, or going for a run - you can earn points through Christ Church Moves.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can use them to claim incredible prizes, ranging from a hot drink to sweet treats and so much more.

The Christ Church Moves app is now available to download for both Android and iPhone.

To start earning points using the new Christ Church Moves app, simply sign-up by searching Moves+ in the app store or google play.

Once you have downloaded the Moves+ app, you will need to sign-up with your email address. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail (please check your junk mail).

Activity trackers can work slightly differently depending on which phone you have, so please refer to our FAQ’S below 

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Christ Church Moves is an activity reward platform, it allows you to earn points by syncing your Moves+ app with a variety of tracking apps and wearables. You can receive rewards, join challenges and create groups with friends.

No, Christ Church Moves is completely free! The platform was created purely to help motivate the Canterbury Christ Church University community to stay active!

Download the free Moves+ app via Apple Store or Google Play and get active! You just need to search “Moves+” on your app store or simply click on the links above.

The app supports the following trackers:

Apple Health (iOS devices only) *

Withings / Health Mate



Google Fit*

*You can connect a range of other apps to both Apple Health and Google fit which are then synced through this integration. These included:

Garmin Connect (iOS devices only)

Nike Run Club

Run Keeper

If you want to track all types of activity, you can do easily through connecting Strava to Apple Health or Google Fit and then Apple Health / Google Fit to MOVES.

Step 1. Connect Apple Health (iOS device) or Google Fit (Android) to your MOVES account

Step 3. Connect Strava to Apple Health or Google Fit

Step 4. Log running / cycling through Strava

Step 5. Activity tracked on Strava is sent to Apple Health or Google Fit

Step 6. Activity from Apple Health or Google Fit is sent to MOVES.

No, to allow the app to run correctly, you are only able connect with one tracker at a time.

Yes. You will need to connect a tracker such as Apple Health, Google Fit or Fitbit. However, it is not necessary to own a wearable to use Moves+.

Moves+ currently tracks the following activity:

Steps Walked

Miles Ran

Miles Cycled

Swimming (Note: not all trackers can track swimming)

Important: Please note that any static running or cycling done in a gym will not be recorded. You must track these based on distance, through a GPS tracker.

Points will start from when you join Moves+ during the academic year, until 31st August. After this date, points will be reset for the following academic year.

We have an array of rewards you can redeem from Canterbury Christ Church University including food and drink, technology and more. Please note: prizes may change over time due to availability.

Please read the terms and conditions of the reward itself within the Moves+ app, however the platform supports two ways to claim a reward:

Merchant Claim: Follow the instructions - you will be prompted to press claim, then hand your device to the salesperson you are redeeming the reward from. They will confirm receipt of the claim on your device.

Code Claim: On claiming the reward, a unique code will be revealed. Instructions will be given on how to use the code to claim your reward.

To redeem a Massage, PT session or Gym Pass, collect your voucher from the University Bookshop and then email to book your session.

We reserve all rights to increase or decrease points associated to each reward without notice. This may be due to price inflation at the time of stock purchase.

Activity trackers may record your activity levels differently from time to time. This is because trackers are operated by a third-party provider for which Christ Church Moves has no control and cannot accept liability for discrepancies. The Moves+ app developers has created a full list of FAQ’s associated with possible Moves+ issues. Click here for full FAQs and further troubleshooting advice.

You are limited to one challenge per activity type at any one time. This means you are unable to enter two step/cycle/run/swim challenges that run in same timeframe. However, you can enter a step challenge alongside a cycling or running challenge, as these are different activity types.

Sometimes the verification email can take a few hours to arrive. Please let us know if you haven’t received it after 24 hours. 

We are aware of this issue, and we are working to fix it. In the meantime, we have found that asking the app to resend a verification email, and verifying via the new email often works.



Moves+ developer OpenPlay have complied a full list of FAQ's to help troubleshoot any problem you may have with the Moves+ app.

Click here for full FAQs and further troubleshooting advice.


If you need additional assistance with your app, please contact us via email:


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