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UniHelper is an Ed-Tech service for higher education, that improves student well-being and reduces dropout rates through algorithms and automated group creation.

The company is based on the 4 founders' personal experiences when studying. Here, we all had a group of co-students to study and socialize with, which was crucial for our time as students.

Sadly some of our co-students did not have a study group, and many of them were faced with the enormous personal defeat of dropping out.

Therefore, we encouraged the university management to divide all new students into study groups.

But that task was too complex for them, so they asked us to come up with a solution.

And we did. At UniHelper we have developed semi-automated software that forms optimal study groups in the blink of an eye for over 10.000 students located at 70 different universities in two countries.

The solution ensures that every single student becomes part of a study group from the first day of the study.

And the universities can automate the entire group formation process, reduce loneliness and avoid students dropping out.

It's a great solution with some pretty great side effects as well.

If you wish to make a huge impact on student well-being together with us, feel free to reach out!

At CCCU we have adopted UniHelper as a tool for us to use to create groups. If you would like to use UniHelper with your students to create groups within cohorts, across cohorts and year groups or for any other reason please contact UniHelper to create your bespoke survey that is used to group your students in the most appropriate way, this takes between 20-30 minutes. UniHelper create the survey for you tailored to your needs which you then provide to the students you wish to group to complete (this takes students 5-10 minutes) and the groups are then sent back to you once run through the tool in an easily accessible Exel spreadsheet.

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