Retention and Success framework

The University’s Strategic Framework, 2015-2022 states our commitment to ‘…pursue excellence in higher education, transforming individuals, creating knowledge, enriching communities and building a sustainable future’. One of the tangible ways we measure our impact in delivering this is through the retention and success of our students.

The University’s strategic objectives for student retention and success have been developed through consultation, through the analysis of data in relation to the student experience and student outcomes, and from national and international research evidence about best practice. Each objective has a set of actions with a timescale for delivery (see framework table) and the actions will be revised or replaced when achieved.

Strategic Objectives:                         

The University has the following objectives in relation to student retention and success:

  1. To enable students’ preparedness for university
  2. To provide an effective induction and welcome experience
  3. To enhance students’ engagement with their learning and the quality of the learning experience
  4. To build a sense of belonging within an inclusive learning community
  5. To promote health and wellbeing amongst the student community
  6. To enhance processes for the early detection and intervention of students at risk of academic failure or withdrawal from study
  7. To facilitate students’ transition through their whole academic journey and into employment
  8. To ensure robust data informs ongoing improvement of retention and success strategies

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