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Getting your Feedback on Turnitin.

Guidance and a video showing how to view your feedback via Turnitin.

What mark do I see on Blackboard / Turnitin?

Please be aware that the mark for assessments in Blackboard is a provisional mark. If the assessment is subject to any late submission penalty or cap applied to reassessment, the final mark held on your student record will be lower. All marks are provisional until they have been confirmed by a Board of Examiners. The mark that is visible in ‘My Record’ will show your final mark. For information on exams and coursework procedures, including penalties for late submissions and caps applied to reassessment, please see Your Guide to Assessment and Award Processes

Getting your feedback

The downloadable guidance contains technical instructions for accessing and saving/printing your feedback in Turnitin and important advice which you should read before getting your feedback. The video below (created in an earlier Blackboard Original version) shows the steps for finding your feedback once it is available to you.

Technical instructions: Viewing feedback in Turnitin

Link to detailed technical instructions from Turnitin's own support resources on viewing feedback in the Feedback Studio.