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PebblePad FAQs and Troubleshooting.

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    How do I access a workbook or template in PebblePad

    Click on the 'Custom Resources' tile on the front page of PebblePad

     Scroll down the screen to get to the 'workbooks' tile

    Click on the name of the workbook to acess it. If the workbook has an auto-submit button then this means that as soon as you access it you will be prompted informing you that the workbook will be submitted. This enables your tutor to view your progress with your workbook. You will not need to submit the workbook again as at the deadline a snapshot will be taken of the workbook that your tutor will mark.

    Why do I get an email informing me that I have 'shared for assessment' when I have not finished my workbook

    If your workbook has been set to 'Autosubmit' you will receive an email informing you that it has been submitted. You can continue to edit and work on your workbook and your tutor will be able to view your progress. If you manually submit you workbook you will also receive email notification.

    How can I tell if my work has been successfully submitted to PebblePad

    The downloadable guide 'How to submit your work on PebblePad for Final Assessment' shows how you can check if your work has been submitted.

    How can I submit my work in PebblePad?

    If your work in PebblePad needs to be submitted, the downloadable guide 'How to submit your work' shows how to do this.

    How can I view comments/feedback on my work?

    Please see PebblePad's own guidance on Comments and Feedback

    Can I get email notifications to let me know when my comments or feedback has been added to my work?

    PebblePad can send you an e-mail when someone adds comments on your progress, also when your final mark / feedback is ready (where your Workbook is being formally assessed as part of your module mark).  Manage your notification settings in the Additional settings section of the main ‘Burger menu’ (top-left of your PebblePad homepage). Select notifications from the menu.

    You can choose to receive daily email summaries or instant emails by selecting the check boxes - don't forget to 'save' your choices

    I have a message that says 'you are in preview mode because this workbook or one of its pages is open elsewhere' what can I do?

    You are likely to receive this message if you have not exited your workbook fully or the workbook is open in a different window or on another device at the same time. If you are certain that you only have one copy of your workbook open you can choose to 'edit asset' and continue working.

    Always save your work and exit via the green person icon before closing your browser.

    Why do I have a 'recovered' version of my workbook in PebblePad?

    Please see PebblePad's own guidance on Recovered Work

    Can I preview my workbook?

    After selecting the following link, scroll down the page to the 'preview' section.

    PebblePad Edit, Preview, Save and Delete

    Image Uploads

    You can upload almost any type of image file as an 'asset' in PebblePad. However, please note that only the following image formats can be added/embedded within a Workbook or Portfolio:

    • BMP
    • PNG
    • JPG / JPEG
    • TIFF

    For example, whilst certain 'interactive' iPhone formats such as JFIF and HEIC can be uploaded into PebblePad as assets they cannot be embedded as elements within Workbooks.