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PebblePad is a personal learning space that can be used to create e-portfolios and provides a space where learners can collect evidence of and reflection on their learning.

PebblePad can be used in many different ways to support learning, teaching and assessment. Find out more in the attached guide.

Introduction to Pebble+

Learn more about PebblePad

The downloadable Getting Started guide is an introduction to using Pebble+, including

  • basic navigation
  • what an 'asset' is and how to create them
  • sharing assets with others and for assessment

For any help or guidance relating to submissions (e.g. workbook or portfolio submissions to ATLAS), please contact your tutor.General further help and support about using PebblePad can be accessed through the Learning Centre tile when you first login to PebblePad (see image below).  PebblePad's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) also has a range of answers for common queries.

PebblePad Alumni Account

You can take your PebblePad account with you when you leave University and continue to use it in whatever way you wish! Visit the above website just before you graduate and click on the 'How to create your free account' link

Alternatively, log in to PebblePad using your CCCU credentials and do the following:

  • click on the menu icon in the top-left corner
  • select Additional Settings
  • select Free Alumni Account and then follow the steps provided

Note: a full written downloadable guide is available in PDF format.

Once you have created your Alumni Account, you can login using your new credentials at:

Notification Settings in PebblePad

The following short video will show you how you can set up your notifications within PebblePad should you wish to receive an email when a comment or feedback has been added to your work.

Further PebblePad Resources