Computing - MPhil/PhD

Staff research interests cover a wide spectrum of computing topics in relation to MPhil/PhD research in Computing.

Particular research strengths are in the areas of investigation of security of embedded computer systems and Internet of Things (IoT), HCI, server-side systems, forensic computing and cybercrime forensics.

Enquiries should be directed to Abhaya Induruwa.

Available MPhil and PhD supervisors

Dr Hannan Azhar:

  • Image processing and pattern recognition for wildlife, biometric, forensic and border security applications.
  • Pervasive computing  and ambient intelligence for Internet of Things.
  • Assistive technologies and robotic systems to enhance the quality of life.

Dr David J Bennett:

  • usability of forensic and security software, healthcare-related systems, teaching of computer programming.

Muna Al-Jepoori:

  • Semantic Web and Web technology  
  • Natural Language Processing and Multi-lingual applications
  • Machine Learning and  Knowledge based Systems

Dr Ian Kennedy:

  • Digital forensics in law enforcement, commercial and intelligence sectors
  • Malware forensics and analysis
  • Cyber physical systems, cybersecurity and computer security

Mr Reza Mousoli:

  • cyber security, e-safety, privacy and confidentiality, computer trust management, semantic analysis for spam filtering and traffic analysis.

Dr Man Qi:

  • cybercrime laws and forensics, intelligent computing and applications, cloud and green computing, computer graphics/image/animation, human-computer interaction, web/e-commerce applications.

Dr Vijay Sahota:

  • collaborative scientific research, grid/HPC/distributed systems, parallel/concurrent programming, mass information processing, scientific imaging/models.

Dr Paul Stephens:

  • cybercrime education, digital forensics, encryption, distributed systems and networks, policing digital crime.

Dr Abhaya Induruwa:

  • security of the internet of things, smart device forensics, distributed computing architectures for large-scale mobile phone investigation.

How to apply

Applicants are strongly advised to explore the research interests of available supervisors and to contact the appropriate staff member before making a formal application.

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Apply Direct / Part-time study

Location Length Start  
MPhil/PhD Computing apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Computing apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Computing apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time February 2021
MPhil/PhD Computing apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time March 2021



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