Applied Linguistics

There is a major emphasis on critical qualitative research into social and cultural issues in language education; but there is also interest in grammar, discourse and pragmatics. Applicants should have a master’s degree.

General enquiries should be directed to the co-ordinator Professor Adrian Holliday.

Available MPhil and PhD supervisors

Dr Pamela Aboshiha

  • the non-native / native speaker debate in English language teaching.
  • teacher training and development.
  • issues in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Dr Chris Anderson

  • social, political and cultural issues in language education, pedagogy and learning/acquisition
  • cross-cultural pragmatics and intercultural communication
  • discourse and discourse; sociolinguistics.

Dr Kevin Balchin

  • teacher education for English language teachers
  • appropriate ELT methodology
  • technology use in ELT
  • communities of practice / professional learning communities

Dr Annie Deakin

  •  multilingualism in society (including families),
  • multilingualism and emotions,
  • cultural memories of language and exile.

Dr Diana Freeman

  • the pedagogical content of language coursebooks
  • how teachers use coursebooks in their classroom teaching
  • action/classroom research or investigations into proposed methodologies and approaches for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening

Professor Adrian Holliday

  • cultural issues in TESOL professionalism
  • the politics of curriculum change
  • intercultural communication.

Dr John Kullman

  • cultural issues in language teaching and learning, and intercultural communication
  • the education and mentoring of student teachers
  • language programme design, materials design and evaluation.

Dr Alexandra Polyzou

  • language/discourse, gender and sexuality
  • Critical Discourse Studies with a focus on issues of gender, ethnicity, class and intersectional connections of social identities
  • discourse and identity
  • application of pragmatics and stylistics for the critical analysis of discourse, with a focus on metaphor, presupposition, direct and indirect representation, point of view, speech and thought (re)presentation

How to apply

Applicants are strongly advised to explore the research interests of available supervisors and to contact the appropriate staff member before making a formal application.

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