MPhil, PhD Media and Cultural Studies

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The University offers excellent facilities for research, teaching and professional practice for MPhil and PhD research in Media and Cultural Studies.

There is a strong interdisciplinary research culture, offering quantitative, ethnographic and textual research methodologies and a growing practice- based research environment.

Available MPhil and PhD supervisors

Dr Andrew Birtwistle:

  • film sound; experimental film and video art
  • art cinema
  • sonic arts and culture.

Professor Shane Blackman:

  • youth subculture, popular music, deviance and drugs
  • feminism
  • ethnography, social and cultural theory.

Dr Andrew Butler:

  • science fiction, horror and film
  • sexualities
  • drinking cultures and brewing.

Alexander Choat

  • Utopianism in Cinema (I’m currently writing a book on the subject).
  • Contemporary Television Drama (Specifically the way that evolving technology and commercial strategies are encouraging subversive exploitation of the medium).
  • Film, Television and identity contestation (celebrating the traditional media’s ability to provide a fertile ground for reconfiguring the decentred self in a plethora of positive arenas.

Dr Ken Fox:

  • film and television landscapes and cityscapes
  • representations of Ireland and Irishness on film and television
  • cinema's influence on the life and work of cultural agents (writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, actors, musicians, etc.).

Dr Agnes Gulyas:

  • digital transformations and communities
  • media economics and management
  • international comparative studies in media and cultural sectors.

Dr Chris Pallant:

  • animation - particularly the creation of animated landscapes and the work of Disney
  • production studies - primarily the historical evolution of the storyboard
  • interactive media - with a focus on the work of Rockstar Games.

Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido:

  • memory studies
  • war and conflict in the news
  • social movements.

Dr Sam Vale

  • Practice based research in art, design, photography and film
  • Material Culture,  collecting, objects and nostalgia
  • Domestic space, gardens and sites of recreation 

How to apply

Applicants are strongly advised to explore the research interests of available supervisors and to contact the appropriate staff member before making a formal application.

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Apply Direct / Part-time study

Location Length Start  
MPhil/PhD Media & Cultural Studies apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Media & Cultural Studies apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time February 2021

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