Safety Support and SafeZone App

The University is working with a range of partners including the Canterbury City Council, Kent Police and Students’ Unions to provide our students with safety support.  

Our friendly Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you ever have any concerns or questions and if you download the Safezone App they can support you if you ever have an emergency. 


SafeZone is a safety app which Canterbury Christ Church University is making available to all its students and staff at all its campuses.

The app allows you to alert University Security if you ever need urgent assistance, first aid or if you have an emergency while on campus via your mobile phone.

The system is privacy protected, so will never share your location unless you summon assistance or if you use the check-in function. This also means the app will not drain your mobile phone battery.

SafeZone is simple-to-use and free to download

Once you have downloaded the SafeZone app you need to sign up using your University email.

SafeZone has 3 main buttons that can be used to request assistance from Security

  • First Aid
  • Enquiries
  • Emergency

If a button is pressed in error, the alert can be cancelled by tapping the button again, whilst the timer is winding down.

SafeZone uses high-speed push messaging to allow Security to send you important notifications in the case of an emergency or critical incident on campus.

The Check In function allows you to let Security know where you are if  you are working alone or outside of normal working hours.

SafeZone does not track your location. You only become visible on the system once you have raised an alert or checked in. Read about SafeZone's privacy provisions

The Canterbury Street Marshals are here to help you get home safely on your nights out. They operate in male and female pairs to be welcoming and approachable.

The street marshals cover key areas across the Canterbury area, including:

St Michael’s area

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 23:00 – 04:00

Club Chemistry and Wincheap

Wednesday and Friday, 23:00 – 05:00

Sturry Road and Northgate

Wednesday and Friday, 23:00 – 05:00

Canterbury Christ Church University is working in partnership with Kent University and our respective student unions to provide street marshals for this academic year. For more details visit 

This online map highlights the well-lit routes in Canterbury including the subways which are monitored 24/7 by CCTV  for your safety. Click here

This is an accreditation scheme that many premises in the night time economy in Canterbury, including the Students’ Union The Lounge, have signed up to demonstrate that they have a zero tolerance to sexual harassment. The scheme will be launched in Medway in 2019.

The staff at these premises have had training on how to tackle harassment and unacceptable behaviour. They also operate the Ask Angela Scheme – this encourages people to discreetly ask for help by going to the bar and 'Ask for Angela' - a phrase aimed at alerting bar staff to the need for help so they can help defuse the situation.

For further information click here

In partnership with Longleys Private Hire, a local taxi firm, the Safe Taxi scheme allows CCCU students who find themselves in a vulnerable situation to reach their student accommodation in Canterbury or another destination, such as a Police Station or local hospital, quickly and safely. Students can request a taxi through the scheme even if they do not have the funds to pay the fare at the time of booking, as fares can be paid later via the CCCU Online Store.

All students need to do is sign up to the scheme in advance - so they know that if they ever find themselves in an emergency situation they will be covered.  Registration is free, quick and simple  - and you are under no obligation to use them if you do not want.

If you ever need to use the scheme make sure you ask for the Student Safe Taxi Scheme when you book the taxi.  You will be given 7 days to then pay the fare.

For peace of mind and for discounted taxi fares please register with your name and university email by clicking here

We believe that sexual violence, sexual harassment, relationship abuse, bullying, harassment and hate crime are never OK and we want you to feel confident that reporting of any incidents at CCCU will be taken seriously.

If you have witnessed or experienced bullying or harassment, including online, we are here to support you.

Report and Support

All staff, students and visitors to our campus can report something either anonymously or with contact details via our online reporting tool. If you provide your name, one of our advisers will be in contact within 3 working day.  Reports can be about an individual, a group of people or cultures.

If you have been the victim of a crime, or think you have witnessed one, you should report it to the police straight away. Your information could be used to prevent other crimes and help keep other people safe.

In an emergency always dial 999

If you've been mugged, badly hurt, or attacked in any way, or if you've just seen a serious crime being committed, then you should ring 999 as soon as possible.

How to report non-emergency crimes

If you want to report a minor crime, such as a stolen mobile phone, you should go to your nearest police station to report it, or call 101.

Go to Police.UK for further information

If you are a victim of a sexual crime it is important to remember you are not to blame.

East Kent Rape Crisis Centre are a charity providing a safe space to everyone affected by any kind of sexual violence or coercion experienced at any time during their lives.

The University has Social Media Guidelines to help protect and support students contributing to and engaging with social media.

The University, in partnership with the Students’ Union, has interactive training to help students get the most out of social media while avoiding any of the risks. It is available to all, on Blackboard under the Student Support Tab – click here to access.  


Expect Repsect 


Canterbury Christ Church University and the Students’ Union believe all staff and students have the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment. We do not support discrimination, bullying or harassment of any form. That is why we have our Expect Respect campaign to raise awareness of what behaviour is expected on campus and how to get support if you need it. 



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