The University is committed to ensuring a safe, compassionate and inclusive working and learning environment for all members of the University Community. 

As members of the University community students are expected to commit to and act in accordance with the expectations and principles set out in the Expected Behaviours of Students and the Student Prevention of Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy. This involves taking positive action when members of the University community act inappropriately by challenging or reporting behaviour that falls short of our commitment to each other. 

The Student Conduct Procedure explains how the University will consider allegations of misconduct.  Incidents can also be reported anonymously or by speaking to an adviser through the University's Report+Support online tool. 

The Student Conduct Procedure outlines what may constitute unacceptable behaviour towards other students, members of staff or visitors. These may include:

  • Physical harassment, misconduct and violence
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Abusive and antisocial behaviour
  • Damage to property or facilities
  • Unauthorised taking or use of property
  • Compromising the health, safety or wellbeing of students, staff or visitors, or causing a health and safety concern
  • IT-related misuse, including any type of misuse relating to the University’s digital systems, website, network, Wi-Fi or IT hardware.
  • Disruption to the work of the University and its community
  • Drugs and all related activities
  • Reputational damage, including behaviour in the community likely to bring the University or Students’ Union into disrepute

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Canterbury Christ Church University and the Students' Union believe that all students, staff and visitors have the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment, free from discrimination, bullying or harassment of any form.

Students are expected to commit to upholding and following the expected behaviours and principles set out in the Expected Behaviours of Students Statement: Respect, Integrity, Acceptance, Kindness and Empathy.  The Student Prevention of Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy aims to raise awareness and enable students to recognise incidents of harassment and/or sexual misconduct and to provide a supportive culture that encourages disclosure and reports of alleged incident.

Any case of alleged breaches of Expected Behaviours of Students and the Student Prevention of Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy can be referred by a staff member or student to the Directorate of Student Resolution and Student Protection using the Misconduct Incident Report Form

You can also use the Report + Support online tool to disclose incidents of harassment and/or sexual misconduct.

Students studying with a Collaborative Partner

The Student Conduct Procedure will be applied to alleged incidents of harassment and/or sexual misconduct. Allegations of other types of misconduct that are not incidents of harassment and/or sexual misconduct will be referred to the relevant Procedure of the Collaborative Partner.

Criminal Offences and legal proceedings

The University’s Student Conduct Procedure is not intended to replace legal proceedings because it is not a criminal or legal process and cannot determine whether a criminal offence has been committed.

The University recognises that some behaviours reported to the University may constitute a criminal offence. The Reporting Party may report an incident to the Police if they believe that the behaviour may constitute a criminal offence. The Student Wellbeing team can supply emotional support during this process.

Where an allegation proceeds to Stage 1, an Investigator will consider the allegation at this stage. The Investigator may be a member of the Student Investigations team; a Formal Investigator from a Faculty, School or Professional Service; or an external specialist Investigator, where relevant. The Investigator will consider the allegation and the evidence that has been made available by the Reporting Party and collated during the investigation.

The Reported Party will be notified of the allegation(s) that has been made by the Reporting Party.

Interim Measures

The University may impose temporary restrictions or action upon the Reported Party, called Precautionary Action. Precautionary Action under this Procedure does not mean that any determination has been made. It is a neutral measure put into place to manage risk whilst the Student Conduct Procedure is undertaken. 

Attending a meeting with the Formal Investigator

The Reported Party will be invited to attend an interview to allow them to respond to the allegation(s) that has been made. The Reported Party will normally receive 5 working days’ notice of the interview. Where the Reported Party does not wish to attend the interview or declines, they have the right to submit written representations for consideration as part of the Stage 1: Formal Investigation.  Where the Reported Party refuses or fails to attend two interviews, the Investigator will continue with the investigation and reach a determination and potential penalty. 

Following the completion of the Formal Investigation, the Investigator will confirm a decision which will be communicated by the Early Resolution & Case Handling team.

The Reported Party will be notified of the outcome and where applicable, any penalty applied. 

The Reporting Party will be notified when the case has concluded. Further information may not be provided due to the Data Protection Act and UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, 

In complex cases, the Investigator will refer the case to a Stage 1: Conduct Panel Hearing. The Early Resolution & Case Handling team will administer a Conduct Panel Hearing and notify the students of the next steps.

The Student Conduct Procedure outlines the grounds for appeal and the decisions that can be made under this Procedure following the submission of a Student Conduct Appeal Form.

The appeal must be submitted on the Student Conduct Appeal Form no more than 10 working days after the Reported Party has been notified of the decision. The outcome of the Stage 2: Appeal is final and a Completion of Procedures Letter will be issued.

Support and guidance

There is a range of support and guidance available to students.

If you experience or witness misconduct there is a range of services in place to support you:

  • In an emergency - If you are concerned that you or someone else is in immediate danger please call 999.

  • Safety on campus - If anywhere on campus you feel unsafe or threatened please contact our Security team on 01227 92111.  You can also download SafeZone, the University’s free safety app. You can use it to alert the Security team via your mobile phone if you need urgent assistance, first aid or if you have an emergency on campus. 
  • Report + Support - to confidentially report incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. In making a report, our Harassment and Sexual Violence Officer, can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions and put you in control of what happens next.

Expect Respect

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