Conflict, Security and Cooperation

Our theme ‘Conflict, Security and Cooperation’ includes research on post-conflict societies and democratisation, linking in particular to research and impact activities in the area of power-sharing and federalism. This theme also incorporates research on foreign policy in general and in relation to specific areas of staff expertise (i.e. EU, energy security, the politics of space).

EU Foreign Policy and Energy Security

Our research in this area focuses on EU foreign policy analysis, energy security, identity building, and the concept of sovereignty.

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Institutional design in post-conflict societies

This research focuses on the Western Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, examining power-sharing models in divided societies.

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50 Shades of Federalism

The ‘50 Shades of Federalism’ project helps to inform debate about issues related to the topic of ‘federalism’. The central aim of this project is to provide succinct, easy accessible, high quality research articles free of charge.

Learn more about the 50 Shades of Federalism project here

The Political Economy of Space

We have won funding from the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) to conduct research into the political economy of state and privately funded space activity.

Learn more about our research on the Political Economy of Space here

The Research Group on Federalism and Conflict Resolution

This research group is co-directed by Dr Paul Anderson and Dr Soeren Keil. This group examines questions raised by the use of federalism as tool for conflict resoultion.

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