Research and Collaboration

We are actively engaged in all branches of Politics and International Relations, including British Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Conflict Studies and Political Philosophy. We are also actively involved in projects investigating the contemporary political leadership, federalism and post-conflict institution design, minority politics and contemporary radical political theory. Our research and impact activities are thereby grouped into four overarching themes.


Europe and the European Union are important subjects now more than ever. Our research looks at the EU’s external relations and at its internal struggles as well as their local, national and international impact.

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Elites and Institutions

Political institutions and elites are central to the study of politics. Our research covers a wide range of issues and actors, from prime ministers to presidents and parliaments as well as political leadership and legitimacy.

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For many, politics is strongly characterised by conflict and cooperation. Our research in this area explores particularly issues of power-sharing and federalism as well as foreign policy and the politics of space.

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In our research, we use political theory in both an abstract and applied sense to critically examine issues of contemporary importance, such as race and social justice, but also explores artistic practice as a form of resistance.

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