Applied political theory

Our theme ‘Applied political theory’ focusses on questions of political theory in both an abstract and applied sense. It thus encompasses research, impact and knowledge exchange activities in the areas of political protest, social justice and social movements. Furthermore, it incorporates critical theory, such as critical race theory and critical IR, and the work of the Activism Research Network. Last, it links specifically to the collaboration with the TATE Exchange programme and the Sidney Cooper Gallery at CCCU.

Art Commodification and Refusal

The project focuses on artistic practice as a form of resistance to, and transformation of, relations of power and oppressive modes of social stratification. 

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Contemporary and radical political thought

This research focuses on a range of inter-related themes including political subjectivity, social movemements and emancipatory politics.

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Activism research network

Our interdisciplinary research explores relevant and pressing examples of protest, as they relate to key socio-political issues.

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Marxism in Britain and China

This research group conducts collaborative analysis of the work of Marx and subsequent Marxists in the context of British and Chinese society.

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