To help you prepare for your next academic year at Christ Church, you can refer to this step-by-step guide which takes you through your essential and recommended tasks. 

Step one: before you come back to uni

  • Make sure you re-register, when invited by email to do so. As a returning student, it is important that you complete online re-registration as soon as you can to officially continue as a Canterbury Christ Church University Student. Those who are eligible will be invited, by email, to re-register before the start of your new academic year.
  • If you have a disability, or your disability has changed over the summer, be sure to get in contact with the Student Disability Team so they can ensure the correct support is in place before you return.
  • Check the dates for the start of the academic year, and explore your timetable. We are aiming to publish UniTimetables around 1 August. 
  • Make sure you've checked your assessment results, and explore the preparing for your next year page for support in helping you get back into your studies.
  • Continue to check your university emails from your Course Team for details on your modules and studies for the year ahead. Also regularly check your Blackboard for messages and updates. 
  • Check your vaccinations are up to date. We want you to stay healthy and well, so we advise you to check what vaccines you feel you may need before you return and check that you are registered with a local GP. 
  • Find your smartcard. It may have been a while since you last saw your smartcard - so remember to have a look for it before September.


Re-registration this year will be a slightly different experience than in the past, as - for the first time - students will re-register via MyRecord.  MyRecord will eventually replace Your Services as the place to go to carry out key processes relating to your studies.

Step two: your first weeks back

  • Read through your module handbook to familiarise yourself with what is expected academically this semester.  Make sure you look at your assessment criteria as this will have been updated. 
  • Register to vote. Whatever your politics, in order to have your say, you need to be registered to vote.
  • If you have not already, remember to register with a local GP so if you are ever ill you know you can get the help you need.
  • Reconnect with your services. Remind yourself of the academic and career support available, as well as your support services, through this Welcome Back Hub.
  • Check out the new Student Code of Conduct so you can see what behaviour we expect at Christ Church and how we provide students a safe and supportive environment, free from discrimination, bullying or harassment of any form.

Preparing for your next year

Whether you've passed all your assessments, need to re-take the year, are returning from interruption or still need to complete reassessments - we're here for you. Head to the preparing for your next year page for information specific to you, and links to relevant Learning Skills Hub modules to help you succeed in your studies.

Accessing your timetable

We are aiming to publish UniTimetables around 1 August. Using UniTimetables, you can get an overview of all the lectures, seminars, workshops and other taught activities on your course.

Please remember that UniTimetables will display all relevant teaching activities associated with a course or module, so if it appears that some or all your modules are taught in multiple groups, you will see details for them all – not just the ones that are relevant to you.

Step three: settling into the semester

  • Continue to check your university emails for key information and updates from your Course Team and University.
  • Meet with your Personal Academic Tutor. For more information on how they can support you, explore the your studies, your future page.
  • Put your assessment deadlines and key dates in your online calendar so you can plan ahead and feel prepared.