Detailed planning and organisation of a group assignment can ensure everyone in the group knows what needs to be achieved and when.

Use a shared calendar to plot your submission deadlines and note the following:

  • How many weeks / days / hours do you have to complete your assignment?​
  • What are your milestones? Milestones are any significant dates that measure your project progression such as smaller tasks to be submitted. ​
  • When do you want to have a completed first draft by?

Scheduling regular meetups either online or in person (depending on your working habit compatibility) will allow you all to keep track of your project development and identify any issues early on.

Make an agenda before every meetup and rotate who will take notes during the meeting to share the responsibility. Keeping notes of what was said, the actions that were agreed and the deadlines you all agreed to in the meeting will allow the team to keep track of group discussions and the commitments you all made. This is especially important for anyone who cannot attend the meeting. Remember to always set a date for the next meetup at the end of your meeting to set the next milestone for the group.

You can download this agenda template to use for your team meetings.

Find a platform you all can access and work from. 

You may want to use a project management platform, such as Microsoft Planner or Trello, to track your project progress and keep all your work in one place. Agree on the format of your files to ensure it is compatible for all. You may also want to agree on a platform for communication such as Microsoft Teams or Slack to keep all your project related conversations in one place.

Watch the video below for some examples of different platforms you can use and their benefits for project collaboration: